Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Are you sick and tired of your problematic tooth?  Do you want your pain to subside without having the need to extract your tooth? 

A Root canal treatment is a permanent solution to treat your tooth from the crown to the tooth without the involvement of any invasive procedure.  The Dynamic clinic is the best root canal clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here is a little detail about root canal treatment summed up for you so that you can know it better before seeking it for yourself. 

What Is A Root Canal Treatment? 

Our teeth are very precious and once gone cannot be regained naturally. Eventually, they need to be replaced with an artificial one if they are extracted. The best method to save the tooth from extraction is to treat it with a root canal treatment. 

A root canal treatment is the cleaning of the canals of the roots using precise files and specialized techniques by the dentist. 

Although the procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical it is still a very complex one and requires a lot of knowledge and skills. We have very well-versed dentists for the performance of root canal treatment in Dubai and so we are approached by multiple patients daily. 

In Which Conditions Are Root Canal Treatments Done? 

If you encounter the following problems then know that it’s high time that your tooth demands a root canal treatment immediately: 

  • Severe pain in the tooth that has a very old history
  • Swelling surrounding the tooth and the jaw 
  • Pain that occurs mostly during the night excessive pain that spreads into the head  neck, and ears 
  • Infectious tooth
  • A tooth that will be undergoing elective crown and bridge placement. 

How Is The Procedure Of Root Canal Treatment Done? 

A Root Canal Treatment requires many skills and knowledge. This is because every root has very different anatomy and the canals present in them are very small and thin. 


A correct diagnosis is a key to the perfect root canal treatment. The dentist will first examine the tooth and will see how much the tooth can be preserved or it needs to undergo an extraction. The dentist will purpose the tooth and will check the pain reflexes to identify and localize the exact tooth. 


An x-ray is taken before the treatment, during the treatment and at the end of the treatment. It is the most important procedure of the entire root canal treatment because the X-ray can visualize the length of the route and how wide and narrow a canal can be. 

Access into the tooth

Cavity preparation is done using dental burs for the entrance of the files. 

Cleaning and shaping

Once the tooth cavity is prepared, numbered files are used to clean and shape the canals, remove the infected pulp and prepare the ideal canal for the placement of the filling material. 

Filling of the canal

Materials named as Gutta-percha are used to fill the canals up till the chamber. 

Crown placement and cavity filling

After the filling of the canal, the central core of the upper portion of the tooth is also filled using filling material mostly composite. A crown is also placed over the prepared tooth to prevent any further damage to the teeth. People normally neglect to gap their truth after root canal treatment but little do they know that it is the most important step in the completion of the root canal treatment

How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost?

Root canal treatment cost in Dubai roughly starts from 800 AED (for 1 canal-primary teeths).The cost may varies as per clinic’s location,dentist expertise and other factors. Never the list you will be surprised to know that our clinic offers the cheapest root canal in Dubai. 

The Final Verdict!

A painful tooth that does not suicide without taking medicine is an alarm in science that you are too need immediate attention. Do not delay any treatment up to the level of extraction and treat it with the root canal before it’s too late keeping it need into account organic offers the lowest root canal treatment price in Dubai.