Can VelaShape 3 Get Rid of Fat and Cellulite Effectively?

Velashape is a well-known, well-researched, very painless treatment for cellulite and drooping skin. Any part of the body may be safely treated with the therapy of VelaShape 3 in Dubai. However, the neck, thighs, buttocks, and belly are the most often treated regions.

Women who have just given birth usually request Velashape therapy for the area around their abdomen and are always delighted with the results.

Velashape has been used in millions of procedures, making it the most well-known non-invasive cellulite treatment in the world.


Millions of women of all ages suffer from cellulite, also known as orange peel syndrome and cottage cheese skin. These dimpled, fatty deposits are often seen in the thighs and buttocks and are resistant to even the most stringent dietary restrictions or exercise routines.

No of their height or weight, cellulite affects more than 85% of women over the age of 20, according to estimates. Even slim ladies struggle with this issue.

Cellulite is made up of expanded fat pockets that are forced toward the skin’s surface by tight, rigid connective tissue. As the skin ages, it becomes thinner, which makes the ugly cellulite bumps more noticeable.

What are VelaShape’s Benefits and Drawbacks?

Pros of VelaShape 3:

  • The duration of VelaShape 3 in Dubai is short. The actual operation takes about 20 to 30 minutes on average, however, it may take longer in some cases for different locations.
  • Afterward, there is no downtime; you may resume your regular activities right away.
  • By all accounts, the operation is painless.
  • It functions effectively in conjunction with other techniques.
  • All skin types and tones are safe with it.

Cons of VelaShape 3:

To achieve benefits for VelaShape 3 in Dubai, you’ll require several treatments—typically three to six sessions, spaced about a week apart. The experts claim that you’ll notice improvements in just three sessions, but other doctors who have used the device believe it may take longer.

  • You’ll need three to four follow-up treatments each year to preserve your results, which are just temporary.
  • The results may not be obvious. When reviewing the operation, some patients claim they didn’t get the outcomes they were hoping for.
  • You might get burns that resulted in disfiguring scars.
  • If losing weight is your main objective, a body sculpting treatment would likely yield superior results as this process does not target fat removal.

Cellulite: What causes it?

The precise etiology of cellulite is unknown. However, it appears to be the consequence of a reaction between the layer of fat directly underneath it and the connective tissue in the dermatological layer, which is located beneath the skin’s surface.

The connective tissue and fat cells in this region are vertical in females. Cellulite occurs when the fat cells protrude into that layer of skin. Together, these elements heighten the appearance of the fat deposits.

Additionally, some genes are required for cellulite to form. The pace of a person’s metabolism, the distribution of fat beneath the skin, their cardiovascular health, and their ethnicity are all influenced by genetics. The likelihood of cellulite formation can be influenced by all of these factors.

In addition, those who consume too much salt, carbohydrates, and fat are more likely to develop cellulite. Additionally, if a person doesn’t consume enough fiber, they run the risk of developing more cellulite.

People with high body fat tend to have more cellulite. However, it can also happen to slim people. After the age of 25, it is more likely to happen. However, that doesn’t imply that young adults and teens won’t be affected.

Additionally, those who smoke, don’t exercise, and spend a lot of time sitting still are also more likely to develop cellulite. It is not uncomfortable to have a Velashape 3 treatment in Dubai; in fact, many ladies have compared it to a deep tissue massage and said it was really quite enjoyable. 

Infrared light heats the tissue up to 3 millimeters in depth, bipolar radio frequency heats the tissue up to 15 millimeters in depth when combined with a vacuum, and Velashape offers a synergistic use of energies. Additionally, because the treatment is painless and does not require anesthesia, there are no risks or side effects from using Velashape, and there is no recovery time afterward.

Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction with VelaShape 3:

With VelaShape 3 body contouring, you may decrease excess fat and smooth out cellulite on your thighs, butt, upper arms, and stomach. This well-known and effective non-invasive technique can help address extra fat and sagging skin under your chin.

The FDA has approved the Body Contouring procedure VelaShape 3 in Dubai for temporary skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to thin the thighs and abdomen.

The VelaShape 3 accomplishes body contouring utilizing four technologies at once, including infrared light, mechanical massage, pulsed vacuum suction, and radio frequency, in contrast to other cellulite treatments that use just one method to smooth and tighten skin. Additionally promoting circulation, this skin-tightening procedure boosts the generation of collagen for skin that appears younger.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, the answer to your inquiry “Does VelaShape 3 in Dubai work effectively for cellulite?” is without a doubt! Better Off Dynamic Clinic Dubai can assist if you’re ready to get rid of your cellulite.

We provide VelaShape 3 treatment in Dubai at our facility, among other things. Additionally, you may get the same fantastic outcomes that our clients did.

Call us or email us if you have any inquiries. We are eager to assist you in obtaining the body you’ve always desired.