can prp cause cancer


There are new disputes mentioning that PRP causes Cancer however this statement is completely incorrect. PRP has nothing to do with the production of Cancer nor has it shown to induce any cancer causing mediators in the body. PRP has multiple benefits and its major use is in the PRP hair treatment in Dubai. It has shown considerable and impeccable results after injecting into the scalp specially for the regrowth and regeneration of hair.

Following mentioned are some details about PRP that clear the myth about PRP and its relation to cancer. 

What is PRP? 

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. The PRP is collected from a candidate’s body and is then re-injected for multiple uses. The reason why PRP is so hyped is because it does not cause any harm to the body as it uses the body’s own constituents.

What are the benefits and uses of PRP? 

You will be amazed to know the number of uses PRP has in today’s era and how it has taken the medical sciences to a very next level.

Here is a closer look on the benefits and uses of PRP:

PRP for hair transplant:

The first and foremost widely used benefit of PRP is in the hair transplant. It is used as a hair loss treatment in Dubai. There are so many candidates that have successfully taken PRP in our Clinic and have shown very positive results within just a few months. 

PRP for skin:

PRP when injected into the skin has shown very blooming results for clearing up acne, blemishes ,blackheads and whiteheads and in maintaining the facial skin. It has a great deal of effect on the acne scars as well. 

Provides pain relief:

If you have ever experienced knee joint pain, backache, or any other ailments then know that PRP is the perfect solution for it.  Taking pain Killers for a very long time affects your kidneys and liver badly. However if you choose PRP as a treatment then luckily it will have no adverse effects on any of the organs of your body. 

Can PRP cause cancer? 

There is no evidence or studies that have inferred that can PRP cause cancer. This is a pure myth that is leading people astray. On the contrary it is proven that PRP is beneficial in treating hair loss after cancer and it has shown to reduce the tumor causing cells in patients with breast cancer. 

What is the best use of PRP? 

Among all the uses, the PRP for hair treatment in Dubai is the leading benefit. The platelet rich plasma when injected into the scalp has shown to regrow hair from the follicles even if they fail by any other method. It is very beneficial especially for patients who have recovered from cancer and have lost all of their hair and have turned bald. 

How is the PRP for hair transplant done? 

PRP for hair transplant requires some highly qualified hair specialist in Dubai like the one present in our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic

The procedure starts by drawing blood from the candidate’s body. When the blood is drawn it is then sent for centrifugation in which the plasma is separated from the blood and is expected to be highly rich in the platelets.

Platelet rich plasma is then re-injected into the scalp of the candidate. The hair specialist ensures that the mapped areas are completely infused with the injection.

After when the entire scalp is injected with the PRP, the hair specialist then looks for any allergic responses. 

If the candidate seems completely fine then he/she is sent home with some instructions to follow.1

Within a few weeks tiny hair will start to grow from the follicles which will eventually become thick, dense and healthy overtime.