A common well-known fact about the cartilage that it protects our knee bones but due to some sort of illness or the heavyweight body can’t maintain enough health of cartilage which results in severe knee pains. Various exercises and medications have been using for years for this concern but still, people are in search of an appropriate method.

After visiting the doctor, the majority of us are prescribed painkillers which is the temporary numbness, not a proper cure. We provide long-lasting permanent solutions for such problems in the form of PRP so there is no need to worry about severe knee pains. This blog post will beneficial for them who are tired of bearing discomfort in their knees and couldn’t even walk properly. The best solution is on your way!

Thus, for more details you can read further to know Can PRP regenerate Cartilage in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma):

PRP is the injectable therapy that involves the use of patients’ platelets to inject on the scalp, injured tendons, muscle and knee joints, etc. It’s a completely natural procedure that resolves a huge range of hitches safely without even going under the knife.

The oldest FDA- approved method has benefitted a lot of people, you can also catch comfort from this therapy by visiting our experts at Dynamic Clinic.

Can PRP Regenerate Cartilage?

Before we get into this query of regenerating cartilage. The readers of this post should be aware of the role of cartilage in knee pains. Many of us think that aging is the only reason behind this unwanted condition which is the lamest justification.

Conversely, when talking about weight. A lot of experts say yes! An excessive weight condition also results in damaged cartilage which can lead us to unbearable knee pains. Appropriate treatment must be acquired at the right time before it gets late as a lot of people cannot even walk due to extreme discomfort faced in joints. Doctors usually suggest medications for temporary numbing and somehow it gives comfort but only temporarily!

The ones who want to experience PRP for Knee pains are curious to know about whether it regenerates the cartilage or not. The answer to this query is definitely yes! PRP can regenerate the cartilage in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as it’s a completely natural process involves the injection of your own extracted plasma to reconstruct the damaged knee ligament.

Recent research has shown the tendency towards the various stages of osteoarthritis through PRP as it’s a complicated concern can become challenging to treat. PRP has been found to be an effective therapy for relieving the pain in terms of satisfying the individual medical requirements safely.

How Long it will take to Show the Results?

Patients shouldn’t judge the upshots of PRP right after the procedure as the healing of damaged tissues and cartilage requires some time. The satisfying comfort in knees can be noticed within the first two weeks of treatment which tends to get better with every passing day.

Is it Permanent?

The acquired results will last for a maximum of one or two years according to the care and maintenance you take as we all are aware of the fact that injectable therapies don’t provide the permanent results. But still, it’s not certain in every case, as a huge range of people has gained permanent benefit with this approach.

Important Facts to Consider!

Performing the PRP therapy isn’t an easy task. A practitioner must hold the complete know-how regarding the details of treatment as separating the plasma from the blood isn’t a teen’s act. Patients can now visit the best practitioners at Dynamic clinic by determining whether they’re applicable for this treatment or not. This is because PRP isn’t suitable for all the patients, they should be overall fit and must not suffer from any bleeding disorder as it’s a complete plasma injection process.

Wrapping it up!

This blog post concludes by saying that PRP can regenerate the cartilage in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. So having knee discomforts and walking difficulties isn’t a concern anymore due to this safest natural therapy. People can now eradicate their joint pains for a lifetime by having this treatment from expert practitioners at Dynamic Clinic.

To get off your knee difficulties for long period and for further details regarding the regeneration of cartilage with PRP you can feel free to visit us or fill in the consultation form! Our team will get back to you soon.