Bullhorn Lip Lift Recovery

What to expect during bullhorn lip lift recovery in Dubai? What are possible risks? What steps to take to minimize the risks? You can read this article to learn about these aspects.

A Bullhorn lip lift is a cosmetic procedure to lessen the space between the nostrils and upper lip. This is a great way to augment the lip size. It addresses lip asymmetry and provides you with a younger, and more beautiful appearance. During the procedure, the practitioner creates an incision, and then excise/lift the skin to a more youthful position. It is important to note however that this cosmetic procedure is done under local anesthesia which makes its recovery fairly difficult.

What to Expect During Recovery?

First, it’s vital to note that there can be some swelling, and pain in your lips and around the mouth, and these side effects may take up to a month to completely subside.

In addition, the risk of infection after Bullhorn lip lift is very high. Thankfully, following the doctor’s instructions can help you prevent infection for sure.

Tips To Speed Up Your Bullhorn Lip Lift Recovery:

Well, in order to make sure that the results will be the finest than they can be and that only one procedure will give you the desired lip shape, then it is vital to use the following recovery tips:

Try to keep the Swelling Down:

You must utilize ice packs on the lips to help reduce the swelling around the mouth. This is especially required for the first few hours. The ice packs are responsible for restricting blood flow to the target site and alleviating puffiness and making it possible for the lips to heal more quickly.

Avoid Anti-inflammatory Medications:

Anti-inflammatories can trigger blood flow which could result in slowed recovery and could also cause bleeding. It’s important that you stay away from these medications for some time.

Take Time off to Recover Properly:

Following the procedure, your body will need time and space to use its energy in recovery. First and foremost, it is important to avoid strenuous activities, and even regular chores for at least a week. This step is to allow your Lips to heal and prevent any pressure on the mouth during the healing.

Stay Hydrated:

You must eat healthy and drink plenty of water, especially in the first few days. This will help your body feel better faster.

Water allows flush out toxins from the body and deliver oxygen to the damaged tissues.

Consider Post-Operatives Instructions:

Following all the post-op instructions by the doctor will help you achieve smooth recovery and ideal results. Post-op instructions also ensure that there will be less damage, infection, and other complications.

Choose The Right Cosmetic Surgeon:

As you will be trusting the doctor with your physical appearance, so you need to make this decision after much thought and careful consideration. Choose a surgeon with whom you feel comfortable talking about your concerns. Beyond that, make sure he is certified and has years’ experience in cosmetic procedures.

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