Breast Reduction Surgery Long Term Satisfaction

Heavy and saggy breasts can be a source of embarrassment for some women. We offer effective breast reduction surgery to help women get the size of breasts they want. It not only improves the physical appearance but also eliminates the discomfort, pain, and distress caused due to heavy beasts. It can also solve the problem of big areolas. After the surgery, you will look more beautiful, attractive, and alluring.

The treatment is safe and delivers long-term satisfactory results to the patients. At our clinic, we have both male and female surgeons. In breast reduction surgery, excess fat, skin, or tissues from the breasts are removed to make them proportionate with other parts of the body. It improves self-confidence and enhances body structure.

There are many Breast Reduction options available for you. Talk to your surgeon and choose the treatment which is appropriate for you.

Breast Reduction Options:


Breast size can be reduced by 50% by liposuction. The treatment produces amazing results immediately after the procedure. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for the surgery because it matters a lot when the results are concerned. The best thing about the treatment is that it makes the breast smaller without affecting its shape and nipple position.


This cosmetic surgery aims to reduce the size of large and sagging breasts. Before the surgery, the surgeon will evaluate your medical history and take necessary measurements of your breasts. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the chest area from where excess fat and skin of the breast are removed. The surgeon might make some changes in the areola as well.

As a result of the treatment, your breasts will be symmetrical, well-contoured, and attractive. The scars will fade to some extent over time but will never completely disappear.

How long does it take to Recover from the Surgery?

Because it is a major surgery you will require some time to recover from it. It can take up to 1-2 months to fully recover from it. You might be asked to limit your strenuous physical activities to speed up the recovery process.

Are the Results of Breast Reduction Surgery worth it?

Consider Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai and get long-term satisfactory results. It is important to note that final results appear when the swelling is completely gone. The results produced by the treatment are brilliant and everlasting. It improves self-confidence and allows you to wear any type of clothes you want to wear. The patient gets an hourglass body so, the results are worth it.

Is Breast Reduction Painful?

Breast reduction surgery will be performed under general anesthesia to keep the patient sedated throughout the procedure. You may feel sore and weak for 2-4 weeks but don’t worry it is a part of the surgery. Take medications exactly as per the directions of the surgery.

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