Breast Augmentation for Sagging Breasts Dubai

Sagged breasts? Depression? Low self-confidence? – Get Breast Augmentation!

Breast figure changes over time. It loses volume. While in the effort to restore breast volume, breast augmentation can be the answer. But this should be performed correctly. Not every doctor is expert enough to give you the most desired breast size.

Being the leaders in breast surgeries, we shared the most relevant information with you.

Here we pinpointed every important aspect regarding Breast Augmentation for Sagging Breasts Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Continue reading.

What Causes Saggy Breasts?

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding are found major causes behind sagged breasts. Constant hormonal variation stretches the breast skin and leads to breast sagging over time. Though, sometimes growing age is also responsible for collagen deficiency in breasts.

Besides, check out the other true causes behind this unwanted breast condition

  • Aging
  • Weight Fluctuations
  • High BMI (body mass index)

Despite the reasons mentioned above, the bra also holds importance. Try to wear a proper bra of appropriate size. Sometimes not wearing any proper breast holding could also result in sagged and drooped boobs.

Surgical Options for Sagged Breasts:

Although there are a lot of techniques available to treat the sagging of breasts. But still, proper awareness regarding the right technique is important. For example, if your surgeon places implants in breast sagging, there is the possibility of more sagging due to the extra weight. Implants pull the skin down and can cause severe sagging.

So, consider the following reliable ways for your dropped boobs.

Breast Lift:

This surgery involves the removal of excess tissue from the chest, tightening, and proper repositioning. This way bosoms are lifted and contoured. They will be no longer pointing downwards.

Breast Augmentation:

When a very small amount of sagging is present with no volume, Breast Augmentation for sagging breasts Dubai is advised. It embraces the placement of saline or silicone gel implant. So as a result, breast volume is restored.

Breast Lift With Augmentation:

Most often women suffer from severe breast sagging with volume loss as well. Though, this breast condition couldn’t be tackled with alone breast lift or alone breast augmentation. So we perform a breast lift and augmentation both at a time. This improves the breast’s sagginess, lifts them, and restores the fullness.

Which Surgical Procedure is For Me?

Procedure selection greatly depends upon your needs and the surgeon’s decision as well. If you wish to improve breast size then get Breast Augmentation. Besides, if your breasts deeply sag with severe volume loss then consider a Breast lift with augmentation.

While the decision to have breast augmentation in Dubai is extremely rewarding. But you cannot decide alone. It’s quite necessary to consult our surgeons to find which procedure suits well to your aesthetic and medical needs. They conduct medical tests for it. Plus, certain fears, expectations would also be discussed earlier for a smooth surgery and the best possible results.

In Conclusion:

Many women these days are unhappy with their breast figure. Of course, no one likes sagging breasts and nipples pointing downward with no volume in them. Though, this breast condition is no more big trouble due to Breast Augmentation for Sagging Breasts in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. In this procedure, we perform various techniques to control the breast sagging, lifts breasts, and restore lost volume.

This technique is quite effective in terms of regaining breast volume but only when your surgeon is an expert in it. Seek the most proficient one or get in touch with our professional breast surgeons. Collectively our team has performed 20,000+ breast surgeries and our complication rate is less than one percent.

If you need any Breast adjustment, trust us.