Breast Augmentation Cost In Dubai

Before we start talking about Breast augmentation costs in Dubai, imagine seeing yourself in a mirror with bigger, rounder, and firmer boobs. Getting breast augmentation will lead to a better body image and more enhanced self-esteem. This is an extremely safe, and reliable approach for making the boobs more attractive. Generally, in this kind of cosmetic practice, artificial implants are positioned in the woman’s chest for increasing its size. After having this, patients feel more confident. A majority of women consider this practice for fulfilling their cosmetic wishes but some undergo this surgery due to various health conditions. No matter what the purpose is, this surgery can help. Another amazing thing regarding breast augmentation is that after successful surgery, you won’t get bothered by smaller boobs. It will permanently enrich your overall look and will make your breast shape rounder and more contoured than before.

Well, if you are planning to have this surgery, I hope the initial fact you think is the “Cost of Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi” and no worries, that is very normal.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

There is no certain answer to this query. This is because the price is different for every patient depending on certain factors. The most prominent factor in this regard is the clinic’s reputation and location. E.g. when we search for the cost of this surgery in Dubai, Google provides us with a number of results.

Implants are generally of two types,

  1. Saline implants.
  2. Silicone implant.

The cost of this surgery with a saline implant is different than with silicone. But, in general, both of them are expensive. However, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is the place where you can get this type of plastic surgery at reasonable pricing.

Average Cost:

Generally, the cost of breast augmentation in Dubai lies in the range of AED 18,000 to AED 30,000. It varies from woman to woman and clinic to clinic depending on the following factors.


Genetics and various environmental elements play a major role in developing the excessively small bosoms of a woman. The cases of this genetic problem have increased a lot over the past few years. However, you can consider our surgical & non-surgical breast augmentation treatments to combat this depressing issue. Frequently, surgical options are preferred; this is because they deliver great, long-lasting results. Surgeons consider it the best way to challenge the issue of smaller boobs.

Cost is a major aspect of breast augmentation that every woman considers while taking it. Many people think that it is very expensive, but it is nothing but just one of the fallacies of this surgery. Please note that Misconceptions have arisen due to a lack of knowledge about how the actual cost is calculated.

Let’s understand the factors influencing the overall cost. Things that greatly alter the breast augmentation price in Dubai & Sharjah include:

Saline vs. Silicone Implant:

If we compare the two implants for a successful Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Silicone implants produce more natural-looking, lasting results than saline. That’s why breast augmentation with silicone costs two to three times greater than that with saline.

Skills of the Surgeon:

The expertise of the practitioner is another important aspect that affects the final price. Of course, a highly experienced and well-trained surgeon will provide you with better results than the practitioner who has recently joined this practice. So, you can expect to pay more for the first one than the latter one.

Travel Costs:

The patient pays travel costs herself but it is a prominent factor that affects the overall cost.

Financial Offers:

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic has introduced many financial schemes for sufferers. Due to these financial schemes, it has become a lot easier to get even the most expensive surgery without facing any budget issues. You can pay large amounts of money in easy monthly installments and with 0% interest. If you are interested in availing of this mind-blowing offer, you must consult one of our representatives to get further details.


It is the modern-day solution to fight against excessively small breasts. It comprises the insertion of an artificially prepared implant in one or either of the two breasts for making them bigger or symmetrical. This surgery is generally carried out by an experienced surgeon because the operation demands a great skill set of the professional. Well, as far as the price is concerned, it is not the same for everyone. Many things can influence it such as the surgeon, method used, implant type, etc. Further, various financial schemes have developed which have made it unchallenging for people to opt for excessively expensive cosmetic surgeries. With financial offers and highly invasive procedures of Breast Surgery, even breast augmentation has become cheaper than it was before.