BRAVA Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai -Price & Offers

Enhance Your Look With BRAVA Breast Augmentation!

BRAVA Breast Augmentation is a unique procedure launched in the 2000s that delivers breast enlargement solutions without the need for surgery or any significant discomforts or interruptions. Most women wish for more extensive, firmer, and perkier breasts. Before, the only options for breast augmentation and growth were surgical.

BRAVA Breast Augmentation has minimal downtime and may be performed while you are on the move. The operation is carried out by wearing a bra-like device with domes that adhere to the breast. An electrical gadget is used to monitor the pressure. Furthermore, the BRAVA Breast Augmentation gadget is designed such that the patient may continue with most of their normal activities while wearing it.

The fat transfer method is employed in the BRAVA Breast Augmentation procedure, usually used for breast reconstruction. The treatment is the quickest breast reconstruction operation, with little to no discomfort and downtime.


Breast Augmentation using BRAVA

The BRAVA gadget is a tissue enhancer that operates outside the body. The procedure is FDA-approved and does not necessitate surgery, a plethora of medications, or creams.Breast Augmentation Dubai is performed by placing the BRAVA gadget over the breast region and automatically begins operating. Negative pressure on the breasts causes tissue enlargement. It enables the client to accomplish the following outcomes:

  • Improved breast form 
  • Larger cup 
  • Equal weight on both breasts resulting in equivalent breast size 
  • On-the-go breast enhancement Treatment that is painless and works as you sleep

This breast augmentation method is regarded as one of the most effective breast augmentation techniques. The BRAVA Breast Augmentation does not necessitate any monitoring or procedural care. Around three months, the method typically produces effects, with precisely formed and proportioned breasts appearing after twenty weeks. Before beginning the operation, it is best to meet with a board-certified and skilled surgeon. That’s because the silicone in the device might induce a negative response in the skin, resulting in bruising and rashes.


BRAVA Breast Augmentation cost in Dubai

The price of the BRAVA system varies depending on the patient’s condition. The Breast Augmentation cost in Dubai ranges from AED 18000  to  AED 25000.

The cost of BRAVA Breast Augmentation in Dubai is not set for various reasons. It is because multiple patients encounter different types of problems. 


Pros of BRAVA Breast Augmentation

The BRAVA breast augmentation therapy is quite helpful and tries to achieve various objectives. The following summarizes the significant advantages of the BRAVA breast augmentation process: If performed by a professional and board qualified plastic surgeon, the BRAVA Breast Augmentation technique can enhance and expand breasts independently.

  • BRAVA breast augmentation is less expensive than other surgical procedures.
  • The BRAVA operation is painless, and an excellent breast form is created.
  • The technique produces sound breast raising effects quickly and may be used at any time, including before falling asleep, because it is gentle.
  • You may continue most of your everyday activities, like going to work, while the BRAVA Breast Augmentation is performed.
  • The BRAVA gadget operates automatically and applies the appropriate force to each breast to keep the therapy consistent.
  • It functions as a tissue enhancer and can be utilized in many forms of breast reconstruction.


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