Botox Injections For Wrinkles Cost in Dubai

Say Bye to the Wrinkles and Fine Lines!

When aging comes, it never arrives empty-handed like some friends and relatives. It has to offer many gifts over time as it never comes to leave but to live with us until we are breathing. The first gifts that we are given are Wrinkles and Fine Lines!!

These wrinkles and fine lines make us look older enough that we start getting uncomfortable with the facial look that we used to love and slay before. The best thing is that the medical revolutions can stop this aging for a while Botox Injections for Wrinkles are made to restore youthfulness.

When it comes to any skincare or skin rejuvenation therapy, the first thing people ask for is the price. We have made it easy to know about botox therapy and its price in Dubai.

What is Botox?

It’s a brand name of a drug called botulinum toxin that has been used for decades to efficiently treat the wrinkles around the mouth, forehead, and under the eyes. 

Most people get confused and refer botox to as dermal fillers as they both are injectable therapy. The thing is true that botox is similar to dermal fillers as both are used for anti-aging purposes, but the process is entirely different. 

How Botox Treats Wrinkles?

The dermatologist injects botox in the wrinkled area; the drug temporarily relaxes and paralyzes muscle which causes wrinkles for a maximum of six months. The treatment has no side effects as long as the board-certified practitioner performs it.

On the other hand, the name says, fillers fill the lost volume area and add fullness to it. Usually, these fillers last for one year.

How Does Botox Procedure Gets Done?

It’s a few-minute procedure, a painless process performed without local or general anesthetic. The dermatologist injects the specified amount in the problematic area using fine needles. The drug blocks nerve signals to the muscles, paralyzing and relaxing the muscles that form wrinkles. 

Recovery After Botox:

The full effects will start getting visible within seven to 14 days. Delaying the alcohol consumption will be much more beneficial a week before and after the treatment to make recovery smoother.

Rubbing the treated area is also prohibited to prevent spreading it out to the other area for a day after botox therapy.

Botox Injections For Wrinkles Cost:

Talking about the cost of the best botox injections for wrinkles in Dubai is mentioned in the cost table:

Treatments Cost
Forehead 350 AED
Between Eyebrows 450 AED
Around Eyes 800 AED
Forehead+Around Eyes 1,200 AED
Around Eyes+Forehead+Between Eyebrows 1,400 AED
Gummy Smile 350 AED


The cost is a factor that can never be the same for anything. Quality, quantity, and location are the elements that always stop it from being the same and equal for all people. 

The same goes for botox’s price, just like the other skincare and Skin rejuvenation Therapies. 

The following are the essential factors playing a vital role in the cost definition, and without them, the price cannot be finalized for each patient. 

The Number of Wrinkled Areas Which Needs To Get Smooth:

Each patient gets charged differently, relying on the number of wrinkled facial areas they want to get wrinkle-free and smoother. The cost will be comparatively less if one facial area needs botox therapy.

Amount Of the Injections and the Number of Units:

The dermatologist determines the price by the amount and the units of Botulinum Injections needed for each patient. Generally, 

  • The forehead needs 10 to 30 units
  • Crow’s Feet (lines around the eyes) need approximately 10 to 30 units
  • Glabella Lines needs 10 to 25 units

Some areas need more units, while others might need half of the amount. More the units are required the more will be the price. 

The Desired Results Of The Patient & A Personalized Treatment:

This is one of the leading causes of cost fluctuation for patients. If a patient is in the early aging process with minor wrinkles and opts for botox, they will be charged less than those with deeper wrinkles.

Dermatologist’s Qualifications and Charges:

This is one of the significant reasons cost varies from patient to patient. People usually go for the highly-qualified and board-certified dermatologists to ensure safety and minimize the side effects.A well-skilled practitioner charges more than the average one. 

The Geographic Location Of the Clinic/Hospital:

Regarding expensive locations, the clinics charge more while saying that the facilities are improved and better than the average clinic. It’s true, but the main thing that increases the cost is the provider’s location. 

Wrinkle-Free Smoother Skin!

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