Botox to Treat Neck Wrinkles & Platysmal Bands In Dubai

Slay with a more Refined, Smoother Neck!

Many of us are not ready to talk about it when it comes to ageing, considering it a nightmare.

No, it’s not a bad or scary dream; it’s a reality that everyone has to face. Avoiding talking about it will not stop it from entering your life and ruining youthfulness, but you’ll be unprepared. Though we cannot stop it, we can treat the ageing signs with several surgical, non-surgical anti-ageing therapies. One of those incredible therapies for treating the ageing effects on the neck is Botox for vertical necklines!

Botox injections work best for treating wrinkles and ageing signs.Read ahead to know how botox works to treat neck wrinkles and platysmal bands.

What are the Vertical Lines on Neck?

The two vertical lines are the muscles on the neck on both sides. These vertical muscles are called platysmal bands. These platysmal bands are the initial ageing signs and result in loose and saggy skin, droopy chin, neck creases and double chin.

Causes of Platysmal Bands:

The researches and the studies are still in the process of knowing the exact cause of platysmal bands. Following are the conditions which are considered the reason behind these vertical necklines:

  • Heredity Factors.
  • When two muscles on the neck get thickened.
  • Sun Exposure.
  • Loss of muscle tone.
  • Age.
  • Improper Skincare routine.

Why Do These Platysmal Bands Need to be Treated?

Platysmal bands are not harmful, nor do they cause pain. People only want them removed as they affect the person’s cosmetic appearance by making them look old and aged. 

Correcting the neck imperfections is part of a facial rejuvenation process. How can you be the younger-looking personality when your neck has a perfect relationship with the ageing process?. 

How These Platysmal Bands be Treated?

The first thing that usually gets done for any cosmetic problem is prevention. But in some cases, the issue gets expanded so much that the correction is needed through proper treatment. 

Botox Excellency:

Botulinum toxin is the best and the most effective non-surgical therapy that helps diminish the ageing signs on the neck. Botox treatments are well-known for treating wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines and restoring that younger look and wrinkle-free skin a person used to have before.

Botox Procedure for Treating Platysmal Bands?

It’s a quick lunchtime anti-ageing therapy that does not involve a hospital stay and gets performed without local or general anesthesia. 

If the patient is scared about getting an injection in the neck and the pain, the practitioner applies a numbing cream so there will be nothing but the patient’s comfort.

The dermatologist cleans out the neck, following by marking the injection site on the muscular bands. The practitioner injects the botox in the marked area on both muscular bands, which temporarily paralyzes and relaxes the muscles causing platysmal bands. Each patient needs four to six injections, per band 20 to 25 units of botox. 

Is Botox For Treating Platysmal Bands Safe?

Botox is FDA approved, thus an utterly safe anti-ageing therapy that is painless too. As it is a non-surgical treatment, half of the intense complications or risks automatically decrease. The patient will only feel a slight pinch, just like a regular injection. 

Do Botox for Platysmal Bands Provide Permanent Results?

It’s an injectable therapy providing desired incredible results that can be seen within a few days after treatment. The patient should strictly follow the aftercare to enjoy the results for up to six months. The patient can visit their practitioner for refreshing botox injections when the effects of the previous treatment start to fade. 

Recovery From Botox for Platysmal Bands:

You’ll not understand the perks of a non-surgical, especially an injectable treatment until you experience it yourself. There is no downtime required, and you can go back to daily life activities within the same day or the next. Slight bleeding and mild bruising are expected, which will quickly subside with a shorter recovery period of three to five days. 

What is the Expected Cost of Botox Injections For Wrinkles Dubai?

The expected price of Botox for neck wrinkles starts from 1,200 AED. The patient should not consider the mentioned price as the final cost they will be paying for their neck rejuvenation. It’s a starting price and can get further high depending on what a patient comes to get corrected. 

Neck Anti-Wrinkle Injections at Dynamic Clinic Dubai!

Dynamic Clinic has played a vital role in turning back the clock for many people and restoring their youthfulness. We have been providing all kinds of surgical, non-surgical, lasers, injectables, and thread anti-ageing therapy, so our patients have a broader choice to opt that tailors their demands perfectly.

So if you want a more prominent and wrinkle-free neck, We recommend you experience Botox injections for wrinkles in Dubai by our experts.