Best Whitening Facial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Face is the most noticeable part of the body that should be flawless. Every person desires to get fair and brighter skin and this concern has increased the demand for skin whitening treatments. To acquire permanent bright skin a lot of Best Whitening Facial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are introduced for long-lasting comfort. Therefore, it’s the problem that can’t be ignored because many individuals face embarrassment due to their dark skin color. A famous saying from Dermatologists ‘Makeup can’t make you beautiful until your skin is fair’. So read our article to explore more about skin lightening treatments.

Whitening facials aim to restore the health of the skin by eradicating the upper damaged layer to make the face clean, bright, and flawless. There are a lot of techniques introduced to resolve the issues of dull skin. You can choose the one which suits you the best somehow, dermatologists can suggest the right one as per your skin health.

Top 3 Whitening Facials in Dubai:

There are several facials available for you to make your dreams a reality. Getting any facial treatment is the safest solution to clear out the unhealthy and dark skin. Our well-trained skin specialists will help you to meet your skin goals by having our best Whitening facials. Here, we are sharing the most popular used techniques with you.

   1. Oxygen Facial:

As we need oxygen to breathe, our skin also demands enough intake of oxygen for nourishing and promoting the growth of new cells. Many celebrities including Madonna get Oxygen Facials for glowing, hydrated, and plumper skin. It is the simplest procedure and will take a half-hour to complete without requiring any incision or stitches. The aim of this facial is to absorb the right serum by the right skin type so you can get brighter and smooth skin which can be noticed immediately or after a few days of treatment.

   2. Hydra Facial:

Hydra facial Dubai is the most prominent technique to acquire fair and glowing skin. The best thing about this facial is that not only the skin whitening, it also resolves the concerns of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. The outstanding comforts can be acquired without any irritation or pain so we can say that it’s the best approach to deal with the dark skin cells and dead facial tissues. An acid peel and LED light are used to get off the pigmentation and wrinkles. To enjoy the long term benefits, dermatologists will suggest you attend the number of sittings as per your skin health. People who have already fair skin can get enough results in only sitting but the skin becomes dull with time, it’s better to get touch up sessions for brighter skin.

   3. Deep cleansing Facial:

Deep cleansing facial treatment is a unique practice that comes with several benefits. It can make huge changes in facial appearance by using essential oils to cleanse and hydrate the skin lastingly. This facial technique isn’t concerned only with the upper layer of skin, prepared topical ointment is applied on the face and neck and cleansed deeply to eradicate the deformities of skin. Beautiful, glowing, and smooth facial appearance can be noticed after some time of treatment.


So the above-listed facials are the most dominant practices to overcome the concerns of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. Many Dermatologists prefer to have facial treatments over any other procedure because of its quick and safest outcomes. So if you are thinking to get any facial discuss your skin concern and goal with our skin-specialists so they can advise you the right option. Therefore, the outcomes are temporary after having whitening facials in Dubai. You can learn about our permanent skin whitening treatments by reading the mentioned article.

Permanent Skin Whitening:

Many of the people can’t attend sessions regularly, so they seek a permanent solution. The most widely used techniques to acquire fair and bright skin for the long-term are listed:

  1. Laser skin whitening treatment.
  2. Dermapen.
  3. Microdermabrasion.
  4. Chemical peels.
  5. Glutathione Injections.

Cost of Whitening Facial in Dubai:

The Cost of Best Whitening Facial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi depends upon the type of treatment you acquire. Every procedure has its different complexity, discuss with your dermatologist before getting any treatment. Some common factors are listed on which cost depends:

  1. Treatment type.
  2. Dermatologist experience.
  3. Clinic Location.

Book an Appointment:

Skin becomes dark with time, it’s best to choose the right method to resolve the issues of unhealthy skin permanently. So if you want to acquire our whitening facials or you want to understand the procedure of Best Whitening Facial in Dubai, book a free appointment, Don’t hesitate to visit us!