Birthmarks are unattractive abnormal spots or patches that appear on the skin at birth or a few days after it. They can be brown, pink, purple, or black and can occur on any part of the body.


Four main causes of birthmarks include:

  1. Abnormality in blood vessels.
  2. Overgrowth of fat.
  3. Uncontrolled production of melanocytes.
  4. Overproduction of fibroblasts.

Having birthmarks is not a medical issue, people cure them to fulfill their aesthetic needs. In simple words we can say, they do not cause any physical harm but just make an individual feel uncomfortable in the crowd. There is a wide variety of birthmark removal treatments available for you at Dynamic Clinic – from topical creams to highly invasive procedures. Thanks to the cosmetic surgeons who developed these ways to help you remove birthmarks permanently and painlessly without facing complications.


Some birthmarks fade on their own but most of them remain on the skin until we treat them. If you are living with this unpleasing skin flaw and looking for its treatment, you can try our best treatments to eliminate birthmarks from the body. Consult a GP for an early examination of your birthmark so that he can recommend the right method.

Common birthmark removal treatments are,

  1. Topical creams.
  2. Laser treatment.
  3. IPL.
  4. Surgical birthmark removal.

Topical creams:

Birthmarks can be removed through topical medications. If you don’t want to undergo any in-office treatment then you can try topical products that are available in the market to eliminate your birthmark. They are effective but usually deliver temporary results so make your decision carefully. Do not use them without consulting a medical practitioner. He will recommend you best one after examining the severity of your skin problem.

Laser treatment:

Utilizing a laser is an effective way of improving the appearance of the birthmark. Laser beams are directed at the problem site to target the cells that are causing them. No downtime is linked with it, you can resume your routine tasks right after having the treatment. The only downside of the laser birthmark removal treatment is that it requires multiple sessions to deliver optimal results.

IPL- Intense pulsed light:

The latest advancement in the cosmetic world. Cosmetic practitioners use intense pulsed light to treat birthmarks. The light, emitting a wide range of wavelengths, is aimed at the skin to target the dermis. Results appear gradually so you have to be patient with them. In addition to birthmarks, it also eliminates scars, acne, and freckles in the same go.

Surgical birthmark removal:

This option should be your last choice. Go for non-surgical methods first and if they don’t work then choose surgical birthmark removal. It is preferable for large birthmarks and for those that appear on internal organs. It comes with extensive downtime so you have to be mentally prepared for it. In the procedure, the medical practitioner uses a scalpel or a surgical punch to abrade a birthmark.

How much time does it take to recover from Birthmark Removal Treatment?

The duration of recovery depends upon the method used. Surgical birthmark removal requires 2-3 weeks for complete healing whereas if the non-surgical method was used, 5-7 days would be sufficient. Follow the post-operative instructions of the practitioner to speed up the recovery process. Avoid strenuous exercises and refrain from exposing the treated site to the sun for some days. Apply topical cream on the wound as prescribed by the doctor.