Best Surgeon for Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic

Smaller, sagged, and volume loss breasts? Indeed you’re a candidate for breast augmentation surgery. Nowadays it’s being offered at every next clinic but that doesn’t mean they all are having trained surgeons. And yes this conduct is beyond the capacity of an untrained doctor because of complex breast incisions. Only a skilled one can take you towards secured breast formation surgery. Therefore it’s highly advised to carefully choose the surgeon for evading undesirable results and post-risk complications.

On the way to get over such a mess majority of the ladies seek expert doctors. Are you also one of those women?

Looking for the best surgeon for breast augmentation? Luckily you have come to the right place. To help you in knowing the best surgeon for breast augmentation in Dubai we have written this blog for you. Before we get into its details, let’s first find out what exactly is Breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation- A Brief Intro!

Breast augmentation surgery is the solution to smaller breasts. It’s also referred to as breast enhancement or enlargement surgery. This is simply a boob job that improves the breast volume through the careful insertion of saline or silicone gel breast implants. These implants help in getting bigger, fuller breasts permanently. The technique for inserting such breast implants differs individually as per the aesthetic needs and actual breast condition.

Breast augmentation surgery is done under anesthesia (either general or local), so patients don’t feel any discomfort. 

To do this surgery successfully, expert skills are required.

At Dynamic, our surgeons have done over 4,000 breast surgeries with outstanding results.

Best Surgeon for Breast Augmentation:

Choosing the cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery is one of the most important decisions. There are so many plastic surgeons in Dubai even offering intricate breast surgeries at a cheap cost. You just need to be aware of them as they can put your health at a risk. But here at Dynamic, we’re glad to perform thousands of secured breast surgeries beautifully.

Our clinic is blessed with the magical skills of Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya. He is a well-known personality in the cosmetic industry and indeed famous as the best Breast Augmentation surgeon in Dubai. In his career, he performed thousands of successful breast surgeries including, breast lift, breast reduction, breast tightening, and so on. He was working as a plastic surgeon in Canada but recently he has joined our clinic in Dubai. We’re grateful to have his quality time in our medical center. Due to his passion for delivering high-quality care to patients, every single individual gets satisfied and leaves the clinic with the best reviews.

With Dr. Abdul Majeed and our expert team at Dynamic, you can be completely sure to hand over yourself in professional hands.

Initial Meeting with Breast Augmentation Surgeon:

The initial consultation before surgery is much crucial. Our surgeon will guide you towards the procedure details and also inform expected breast results you can achieve. Besides, possible complications are being discussed during this session as we don’t hide anything from our patients.

By this time, you must have realistic beliefs about the procedure. Share your breast goal with the doctor and ask questions. Clear your queries. This analysis will help a lot in the smooth surgery. The more doctor understands you well the more you get amazing results.

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is highly focused on patients’ goals. This is why he conducts the initial examination session. He also ensures the candidacy for the procedure. Most probably a blood test would be advised to you along with a list of what to do or what not to before and after the surgery. This way patients grasp the safest results deprived of any complicated consequences.

How Much Does it Cost to have Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The best surgeon for Breast Augmentation in Dubai costs around AED 25,000 for any breast enhancement surgery. This is just the starting price of this surgery. As it differs individually based on used implants and further complexities.

Consult our team if you want to know the exact cost for Breast Augmentation surgery in your case.

Let’s Conclude:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is one of the leading breast specialists in Dubai. For the last ten years, he has been serving his precious skills in the field of breast surgeries. He believes that every patient is unique having diverse preferences, this way he treats every individual differently.

Please let us know if you want to book an appointment with the Best surgeon for Breast Augmentation in Dubai.