Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai for Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

In simple words, Breast Augmentation is done to enhance the female breast size.

Breast Augmentation involves placing breast implants under breast tissues to increase the breast size. It is a great way of boosting confidence with a figure you always desired. Women look attractive, beautiful, more confident with proper and enhanced breast size.

Breast Augmentation in Dubai provides outstanding services and the most suitable treatment according to your needs.

Who is the Best Candidate for Breast Augmentation:

An ideal candidate for breast Surgery is the one who is confident about the Surgery and has Realistic Expectations.

  • Women who have small breast sizes and want to increase their breast size are ideal candidates for Breast Augmentation.
  • A Perfect Candidate for Breast Surgery should be healthy and physically fit. She should not be having breast infection or Breast Cancer.
  • Breast Surgery is perfect for women who want to highlight their breast shape and figure.
  • Women need Breast Surgery to make their breasts fuller and volumized.
  • If your breasts are flat or bowed, Breast Surgery is perfect for you.
  • Breast Surgery is excellent for you if your breasts are not the same size. Surgery reshapes and makes them of equal size and volume.

Choosing a Right Surgeon for the Breast Augmentation:

  • Find a Surgeon who is Board Certified.
  • A Plastic Surgeon should be highly qualified, Specialized, and experienced.
  • Review Certifications
  • Research about it
  • Check reviews
  • Check Surgeons’ Portfolio
  • A Surgeon who provides services in State Licensed Clinic.

Don’t be in a hurry, A complete research is required for the right selection. Choosing a Qualified and Experienced Surgeon also reduces the chances of risks and health complications in the surgery.

Dynamic Clinic in Dubai is an accredited and state-licensed Clinic with High Qualified and Specialized Surgeons who provide the best Breast Augmentation treatments according to the patient’s needs.

Take an Appointment with the Best Surgeon in Dubai:

Do you want to get your Breast Augmentation done by an Expert and Professional Surgeon? Abdul Majeed Makhiya is the best Surgeon in Dubai. He is a Cosmetic & Plastic surgery Specialist and has years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.  

He has done several successful Breast Surgeries, and the patients always have a good and satisfactory experience with his services.

Instructions to follow After Surgery:

Right After getting done with the Breast Surgery, you have to follow the instructions and guidelines by the surgeon.

  • Avoid Heavy Lifting
  • Avoid Exercise right after the breast surgery
  • Avoid Taking a shower in the First 48 hours.
  • Avoid Swimming
  • Avoid taking hot baths
  • Wear a Soft Bra
  • Consult your Surgeon before applying any cream or lotion near the operated area.

Make sure to follow these instructions to avoid any health complications and for the required and better results.

Complications After Surgery:

There are some occasional complaints about mild pain in the breasts or sore breasts, but these are normal after Breast Augmentation. There is no need to worry about it as they are curable by medications.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai:

Breast Augmentation’s cost roughly starts from 25000 AED, and the Minimum cost is 18000 AED. Plastic Surgeons will further inform you about the treatments and cost of each treatment.

Consult a Plastic Surgeon!

Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with your breast appearance? Do you want to increase and reshape them? Get an appointment at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai to get your problem treated appropriately with amazing results.