Best Liposuction Doctor in Dubai

Choosing to get Cosmetic Surgery is simply your decision. It’s not up to anyone else to judge what is acceptable in society. Similarly, choosing your liposuction doctor is also your decision. This is one of the most important choices upon which the entire results of the surgery depend.

Never opt from an untrained one.

Dubai’s Best Liposuction Surgeon:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is a highly experienced, best liposuction doctor in Dubai. He puts special emphasis on understanding your body’s goals to bring “Naturally Beautiful”.

His prime focus is to make patients satisfy. Not only cosmetic but also he discusses health concerns earlier to yield risk-less surgery. The unique methods and strategies implemented by him make him stand out from others.

Over the past 15 years, he has performed over 4000 Liposuction Surgeries in Dubai. Moreover, for patients who find cosmetic surgeries uncomfortable, he advises a couple of alternatives like fat-melting injections and energy-based procedures.

As per the autonomy of your body, you will be guided on the most suitable treatment. 

Carefully Choose your Liposuction Doctor:

So once you have decided to take a big step against the fatty body, never compromise results by meeting untrained doctors. Anytime you meet our experts or any other liposuction doctor, ensure some things earlier.

  • Confirm doctor’s qualification.
  • Previous liposuction procedures.
  • Don’t miss patient reviews.
  • Ask for before and after pictures.

Important Guidelines:

Medical preparation and post-care are critical. They should be properly followed and when advised by the best liposuction surgeon means your goals would be easily achievable. Our experts usually recommend the following instructions:

  • Intake healthy diet
  • Be close to your desired body weight
  • Don’t take medications that promote bleeding. Especially blood thinners
  • After surgery, don’t start heavy exercises. You are allowed to walk slowly
  • Wear compression garments for impressive results

Liposuction Cost:

The average cost of Liposuction in Dubai starts is around AED 7000. At Dynamic, we aren’t based on the phenomenon of charging more because of skilled surgeons. Our entire team is highly professional which never affects our charges.

When the cost of cosmetic surgeries exceeds massively high, we propose interest-free installment plans and various discounted offers. To get more details on such offers consult our team directly.

Note: Our reasonably priced liposuction surgeries don’t impact on premium services we offer. 


Exercises and diet plans aren’t working? 

Skipping meals isn’t always a supposed good choice. Bulging body parts is mostly beyond diet plans. Thanks to Liposuction saved millions of people from being conscious of their fat bodies. Even though this surgery is top-ranked and most successful—still some untrained doctors can cause complicated results. So carefully decide your doctor or prefer to meet the Best Liposuction Doctor in Dubai. “Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya” With his expert hands you will perceive excellent results.

We wish you safe and successful surgery! 

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