Best Breast Reconstruction Surgeons In Dubai Enfield Royal Clinic

Breast reconstruction surgery is done to rebuild breasts and give perfect-pair of boobs. It is usually performed after mastectomy. The rise in this surgery is noted high due to the growing problem of breast cancer in women.

While it’s an incredibly personal decision to have breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy or not, if you have decided to restore your breast shape, you deserve to be informed. A focus point, this surgery is complex and demands a trained plastic surgeon. It can be difficult to discover the best in this competitive cosmetic surgery market. But in this post, you can find the Best Breast Reconstruction Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and important tips on choosing a plastic surgeon. Read ahead.

Essential Standards:

Whoever you choose for your surgery must meet the following standards. It’s better to have in-person consultation before treatment however find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

  • Board certification
  • Years of experience
  • Surgical training
  • Medical degree
  • Licensed authorization

Meet The Best Breast Reconstruction Surgeon:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is the best breast reconstruction surgeon in Dubai. He is board-certified, licensed, and has years of experience performing successful breast reconstruction surgeries. His name is not only famous for its ability to regenerate the breast, but also for decades of combined experience.

Whether you need guidance for choosing the right implant size, are concerned about downtime, or reduce the appearance of scars, he can help with all conditions. Dr. Abdel Majeed ensures safe and successful breast reconstruction surgeries even after a complex mastectomy.

The Consultation:

Dr. Abdul Majeed highly emphasizes detailed consultation to notify everything earlier. First, he inspects the patient’s goals and their compatibility with the surgery by asking a few questions. Besides, he also informs about surgery details.

Expect the following while meeting the best breast reconstruction surgeons in Dubai.

  • Examines the breast condition, skin quality
  • Possible placement of nipples are areola
  • Evaluating the general health status
  • Pre-existing health condition
  • Risk factors

By the end of this consultation, you will leave the clinic satisfied with no quires and doubts behind. However, it’s better to prepare a checklist of ongoing questions in your mind. This would help a lot in clearing all inquiries and suspicions.

How Much Does It Cost To Meet The Best Breast Reconstruction Surgeons?

Breast reconstruction surgery is usually expensive. Usually, it ranges between 20,000 and 30,000 dirhams in Dubai and when meeting the best surgeons prices go up due to the surgeon’s fee factor. The cost of a separate surgery remains normal but when you add it up with an additional fee, the total cost automatically exceeds.

Remember, the cost you pay for meeting the best surgeon is always worth it. 

Payment options: Since the reconstruction of the breast is part of cancer treatment. As such, prices are usually covered by insurance companies. You can check with your private company if they offer some financing plans.

The Takeaway!

What often makes folks confused in deciding for surgery, is the choice of clinic and surgeon. You need to pick out the best for yourself otherwise outcomes can be complicated. It’s okay to take time before coming to a final decision rather than rushing and handling difficulties afterward.

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