5 reasons before undergoing breast reconstruction

Every woman dreams of perfectly shaped breasts but due to various cosmetic and medical reasons, they need breast surgeries. Different breast surgeries are used to resolve several breast concerns like lifting, reshaping, and repositioning, etc. Somehow, the women who had cancer surgery might be needing additional surgery of Breast Reconstruction to regain the normal shape of the breast. There are a lot of reasons to get this surgery, Read our article to explore more about the Reasons for undergoing Breast Reconstruction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Breast Reconstruction is the procedure of rebuilding the breasts by using the tissues of the patients’ bodies or through implants to create a natural-looking breast. This surgery is typically done to restore the quality of life and body image of Breast Cancer survivors.

Breast Reconstruction can be done before mastectomy which is referred to as immediate reconstruction or it can be done later (delayed reconstruction). This surgical approach cannot be performed in only one go, the patient will be needing to get two or more operations. However, not only the cancer survivors, anyone who demands contoured-breasts can get this surgery to acquire their desired looks.

5 Reasons for Undergoing Breast Reconstruction :

Breast reconstruction is usually chosen by women who become self-conscious due to their physical appearance. However, before undergoing the procedure discuss your breast-related concerns and medical details with the doctor so he can suggest you get this surgery or not. Women get Breast Reconstruction surgery for several reasons, some important ones are listed:

1.      Breast Cancer Survivors :

Breast cancer is the most popular reason for undergoing Breast Reconstruction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. During reconstruction, the qualified plastic surgeon will create the breast shape by using the tissues of the patients’ own body or artificial implants made of Saline or gel. The doctor will suggest the reconstruction approach (immediate or delayed) according to the requirements of the procedure and in consideration of your preferences and the best decision of doctor because Breast reconstruction Surgery can be done some months or years after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Therefore, the demand for this surgery has increased all over the world due to the growing reason for cancer.

2.      To make the Chest Look Balanced :

Some women face unequal breast conditions which is the most embarrassing situation and make the breast look unattractive and unbalanced. Depending upon the severity of concern, surgeons perform Breast reconstruction surgery to get similar size breasts. The concerns of too smaller breast and larger sized breasts can be resolved through certain procedures according to the preference of the doctor and the health condition. This surgical approach is done through general or local anesthesia depending upon your comfortability and the practitioners’ decision.

3.      To Acquire better Clothing Option :

Every woman wants to wear their desired clothes and look beautiful but due to several breast concerns, they can’t dress according to their choice. It’s the most common cosmetic reason to get Breast Reconstruction Surgery. However, the patient should discuss the health details and desired breast shape with the plastic surgeon so he can advise you on the right procedure and right time to acquire this surgery.

4.      To Regain the Contoured-Breast Permanently :

As time passes you become old, the breast skin becomes loose and saggy which needs some treatment but due to lack of awareness, people are afraid of getting breast surgeries and they live their whole life with that flaw. Now, the time has come to be aware of your body shape and physical appearance to regain the perfect shaped breasts. The most considerable fact of this surgery is that attained results aren’t temporary, your breast will be reconstructed for a long time without needing any further treatments. Our highly-qualified plastic surgeons put their complete effort to obtain contoured-breasts for the satisfaction of patients.

5.      To get a better Physical Appearance :

Most of the women become self-conscious due to their physical appearance but there is no need to worry about it. They can get their self-confidence back by having Breast Reconstruction Surgery because this surgery aims to recreate the natural appearance to correct their physical defects of the body permanently and boost the self-esteem

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