Belly Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Belly fat removal surgery is performed to enrich the body’s appearance through a surgical procedure. These surgeries are intended to alter the shape of your belly in a more enhanced way however, people who suffer from extra belly fat are the best candidate for this treatment. Doctors usually don’t recommend these surgeries if you suffer from heart issues or diabetes etc. every person should consult their doctor first, before having these treatments. Somehow, the majority of individuals follow exercises and a proper diet to get rid of belly fat but this isn’t much effective and it will take up to months. We offer the finest surgical procedures to resolve this issue immediately without any side effects or extra care.

Treatment Options:

Different treatment options are available for removing belly fat surgically. The most popular ones include:

  • Liposuction:

In this procedure, surgeons use the safest techniques to separate the fat cells from the belly. However, it’s an invasive practice, surgeons will make a small incision on your belly and medicated vacuum sucks the fat deposits to make your middle section flat and tighter. If you suffer from extra belly fat you will be needing more than one session to acquire the desired result.

  • Tummy Tuck:

It’s the most popular approach to removing belly fat. Tummy Tuck is started by first giving general anesthesia and a small incision will be made. Surgeons focus on tightening the skin over the abdomen, once its tightened incisions are closed with sutures. It doesn’t require any post-treatment sessions, you can get desired results in one go.

Results & Benefits:

Belly fat removal surgery results in an enhanced appearance of your body. This whole process can make your stomach look flatter, smaller, and tighter. You will be needing a maximum of six weeks for the initial recovery phase. Once it’s done your loose belly will become better and your body will be well-figured. Although these results can be maintained for a long period by taking a healthy diet. The majority of doctors prefer exercises to keep these outcomes permanently.

Is it Permanent?

The results come from belly fat removal surgery that can be noticed within a few days and they can be maintained for a long time if you continue to perform exercises and a healthy diet. People usually consult their doctors for the best diet plans. So we can say that it’s a permanent approach.

How Much Does Belly Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Dubai?

The Belly Fat Removal Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi varies from individual to individual. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers the finest belly fat removal surgeries varies from AED 900 to AED 15,000. However, there are a lot of factors on which cost depends. Some major ones include:

  • Clinic Location:

The cost would vary from clinic to clinic because every clinic has its specific rates depending upon the reputation, practitioners, clinic location, and market price. Choosing your clinic is the biggest decision someone can take, patients mostly choose a clinic near their residential location for their ease.

  • The expertise of Doctor:

Experienced practitioners cost different as compared to standard ones. To avoid complications, it is recommended to acquire your treatment from highly-experienced surgeons.

  • Patient Condition:

Every person has a specific condition so the process of treatment will be different in such cases, so the cost would vary. Patients who suffer from extra fat will pay differently as compared to regular ones.

  • Type of Treatment you Choose:

Every treatment costs differently. Your doctor may suggest treatment depending upon your belly condition so in such cases cost will vary.

  • Number of Sessions You Take:

Every session has a specific price. People who face extra belly fat will be needing more than one sitting to get the desired result.

What is Expected After Treatment?

Once you’re done with the procedure, you can go home after one day, and swelling or itching can be felt by the patient in the treatment area for 2-3 days which is common. Surgeons recommend wearing body shapers for a few days to heal your skin in a new shape. However, some guidelines must be followed by every single patient to attain the fastest recovery:

  1. Avoid physical exercises for a few weeks.
  2. Take all the medications prescribed by the doctor.
  3. Avoid rubbing or touching the treatment area.
  4. Avoid lifting heavy weights.
  5. Avoid positions that cause discomfort.

Why Choose Us!

Are you tired of embarrassment? No problem. We are here to fulfill your cosmetic goals. Our clinic is always concerned about patients’ safety and satisfaction. So, If you want to make your body in toned-shape you can feel free to consult Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to consider Belly Fat Removal Surgery Costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.