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When it comes to fat reduction, there are many modalities out there. Most of them use lasers, and ultrasound, including liposuction, cool sculpting, and Trusculpt. It’s good to hear that you are picking Liposuction in Dubai for unnecessary fat in your arms; it is extremely appealing to achieve toned, and sleeker arms. But how much does it cost?

Arm liposuction may cost anywhere from AED 9,000 and AED 16,000 per session. The price tag varies depending on the number of sessions required, location of the clinic, and amount of fat removed. 

Continue reading to learn more about how Arm Liposuction Cost in Dubai, UAE & Abu Dhabi is broken down and how you can get the estimated bill from the provider before you get the first treatment.


Here are seven major factors that affect the money you’ll pay:

Factors That Influence The Price of Liposuction:

Liposuction performed by board-certified plastic surgeons costs more than physicians or nurses. But please remember, the results are very much technique-dependent; the procedure can really damage your skin if not done properly. You should find a professional who is experienced and has particular training in this treatment. Also, pay attention to his previous cases, and read reviews.

Where The Clinic Is Located:

Clinics in cities with higher leases are likely to charge more.

Hospital Facilities:

What kinds of facilities does the hospital provide? Each hospital will have its own services that will affect the pricing.

Technique Used:

There are many Liposuction techniques out there. The surgeon will pick the right one depending on the skin type, amount of unnecessary fat, and the goals you want to achieve. So depending on the technique the surgeon uses, the cost will fluctuate too. FYI: Laser-assisted liposuction is the most widely used fat reduction procedure 2021.

Number Of Sessions You Get:

Liposuction is a one-time treatment in most cases. Sometimes, surgeons recommend a treatment plan of two to three procedures for more durable results. So, depending on the number of sessions, the cost will vary.

The Reputation Of The Clinic:

Keep in mind that the reputation of the clinic also affects the arm liposuction cost. In general, the best and reputed clinics cost more to get the desired results than the unknown clinics.

Skills Of The Surgeon:

As with any other cosmetic surgery, surgeon’s skills and experience play a major role in arm liposuction success. But it should also be pointed out the cost also increase or decrease based on this thing. For example, for the services of a surgeon who is highly experienced, you will pay slightly more.

Is The Cost Of Arm Liposuction Worth The Money?

Of dynamic clinic’s patients who have had liposuction, 85% say it’s worth it, quoting upsides like more toned, and firmer arm skin, reduced recovery time, and minimal side effects.

Does Healthcare Cover Lipo?

Since liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure, health insurance does not cover it, which also means all the expenses are cleared out of your own pocket. However, there are some clinics that do offer funding options to help split costs. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is one of them. Discuss this with your surgeon at the first consultation.

How To Find The Right Provider?

Scheduling appointments with any certified plastic surgeon is the best way to obtain an estimate of what the liposuction surgery will cost you.

You can also look for ERC doctors who exceed the quality bar, including high patient satisfaction ratings, reactive service, affordable rates, and licensing in exceptional medical standing.