ACell PRP For Hair Restoration Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Hair loss is a common problem that people are facing these days. Thousands of men and women are affected by it due to which there is a massive increase in the demand for hair treatments. You can get the lost charm of the scalp back by undergoing a suitable treatment. The doctor will help you decide which treatment is right for you.

Some medications are available that can be used to treat hair loss but they require long–term usage and have some side-effects too.

Aim of ACell Hair Therapy:

If you are looking for a non-invasive solution to the hair loss problem you can consider ACell therapy for hair loss. It is designed to help follicles grow stronger and healthier. ACell therapy for hair loss stimulates hair growth in those areas of the scalp that have gone completely or partially bald. You can get rid of hair thinning and baldness in just a few sessions of the treatment. When ACell + PRP concentration is injected into the scalp, it activates adult stem cells present in the tissues of the scalp and uses the body’s tissue regeneration mechanism to stimulate the growth of healthy hair follicles.


In the initial consultation session, the doctor is going to assess the status of hair loss to check whether you are the right prospect of the treatment or not:

  • You don’t want to undergo the knife
  • Hair loss has affected your social and personal life
  • You want to improve the quality and texture of existing hair
  • You are physically fit and your age is not less than 20 years
  • You have realistic expectations of the therapy’s outcome
  • You are looking for a solution to prevent further hair loss


ACell Therapy Cost is an advanced technology that’s been successful in restoring hair. A few benefits of therapy are listed below,

  • Helps you regain your self-confidence
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Strengthens miniaturized hair
  • Non-surgical, therefore very short recovery time
  • FDA-approved for wound healing


Before undergoing ACell therapy for Hair Restoration Costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you need to follow some instructions to prepare yourself for the treatment

  • Keep your body hydrated, and increase the fluid intake 48 hours before the treatment
  • Discontinue all the blood-thinning medications a week before the treatment
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 4 days before the treatment
  • Wash your hair before coming to the clinic on treatment day
  • You are allowed to continue your routine diet plan


The procedure can take one to two hours in general. The physician starts the procedure by administering local anesthesia to the scalp. This is done to avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure. The ACell + PRP mixture is injected into the scalp at different locations where the hair is thin. It provides a boost of some much-needed growth factors to the scalp which makes the follicles stronger and healthier. Maintenance sessions will be required after a couple of years to sustain the results.


Once the procedure is completed, you are requested to follow all these instructions,

  • Do not expose your scalp to direct sunlight for 2 weeks after the treatment
  • Take very good care of the scalp, avoid scratching or touching it unnecessarily
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 3 to 4 days because they have chemicals that may decrease the effectiveness of the results


After the treatment, gently massage your scalp to allow uniform distribution of the ACell and PRP mixture. Some of the results will appear after about two months of the treatment. You will have to wait 4 to 8 months before the final results appear. In very few cases, a single session is enough to produce the desired results.


After the treatment, you will feel soreness and tenderness in your scalp and it is normal. It will disappear in 3 to 4 days. You can apply cold compressions to alleviate them. Avoid indulging yourself in strenuous exercises for weeks following the treatment.

Cost of A Cell PRP Therapy:

We cannot tell you the exact cost of the treatment because it depends upon the size of the treatment area and the total number of sessions required for the treatment.

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