6 common hair loss causes in men

One of the most prominent physical features of a person that helps define a person’s look as well as their personality is their hair. For girls, long and thick hair might mean they are confident and love to dress up occasionally, while for men a buzz cut may mean they are not afraid to take a risk or look different than others.

Because people are so busy with their difficult schedules in life, they not only have enough time to take care of their hair, but they also do not realise the factors that might be causing hair loss. Some of the prominent factors are, stress, the use of too many chemical products, hairstyle pulls on the scalp, and hair-related diseases and conditions.

To try to quickly fix such hair loss problems, people tend to indulge in techniques that they think are effective and quick, whereas, in reality, they may cause more harm to the scalp than they realize. These methods include the use of specific hair products such as masks, shampoos, and serums. It can be said that some of these products may be effective, while others are not. Effective products require a great amount of consistency as well as dedication.

Luckily permanent solutions do exist such as PRP in Dubai and hair transplants in Dubai, which you can find out more about, through this informative article.

What are Some of the Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Men?

There are several reasons why men lose hair, which are

Medical Issues:

Temporary causes of hair loss for men in Dubai can be medical concerns such as thyroid or anemia. Furthermore, people because of their busy schedules also do not pay attention to their diet and protein intake, so, a lack of proper nutrients in the body can lead the hair to thin.


Common infections such as ringworm can cause scaly patches as well as bald spots on the head, leading to hair loss for men.


Not only does a sudden shock or constant worry leads to hair loss, but weight loss is one of the prominent factors as well,


This is one of the most causes of hair loss in men is genetics. The term male pattern baldness is quite popular and is used to define a condition among men which has been triggered by genes that they received from their parents. The condition commonly runs among families and other relatives.

Impulse Control Disorder:

When some get stressed out or very angry, they tend to pull their hair. They don’t need to do so only from the head, as many individuals also pull hair from the eyebrows.


Styling your hair can also lead to hair loss. The use of a lot of beauty products such as hair sprays and gels can damage the overall structure of the hair. Moreover, styling the hair in the form of braids and ponytails can also cause the hair next to the scalp to be pulled, leading to temporary loss of hair in men.

How do Hair Loss Treatments Work?

A well-known hair loss treatment in Dubai is the PRP hair transplant. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) uses the platelets in the body that consists of proteins to help form blood clots. The treatment is now widely used by many doctors to treat several kinds of skin-related issues including baldness and extreme hair loss. The way that the procedure works is that a doctor injects the solution into the area’s targeted areas which enhances the ability to heal and grow new cells. Many experts believe that because of the rapid growth structure of the plasma, it is great at healing damaged areas.

What are Some of the Benefits of the Treatment?

The treatment has several advantages that include

  • It is safe and causes no pain to the patient.
  • It is quick and acts as a permanent solution for hair loss.
  • It causes rapid healing.
  • It can be used to improve a person’s other aesthetic features.

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