5 Things You Need To Know About HIFU - Dynamic Clinic Dubai

If you have chosen HIFU for your anti-aging treatment then know that you are on a very right tracK. HIFU is one of the leading treatments for anti-aging and a lot of people are getting their hands on it. The reason why it has become so hyped is because of its outstanding benefits that no other creams and gels can promise to provide. The HIFU treatment has ceased the problems that had been raised by facials that were done manually. Our clinic has been providing HIFU treatment in Dubai for a very long time and all candidates are well satisfied with the treatment. 

Here are some details about the HIFU treatment you should definitely know. 

What is HIFU?  

HIFU stands for High Intensity focused Ultrasound. 

It is a kind of facial that works against facial aging and premature aging. The reason why HIFU is following a growing trend is because it does not require any surgical intervention unlike other treatments.

According to experts any treatment that requires surgical intervention has an extended healing phase and recovery.   the results will take a very long time to be shown. However in case of hifu the treatment is non-invasive and hence there is no such requirement for delayed recovery of your healing. 

What Is HIFU Used For?

Following are the uses of HIFU: 

  • Tightens and improves the muscles of the neck
  • Fades the appearance of Jowls 
  • Prevent sagging of the skin and the dropping of eyelids and eyebrows
  • Evens out the face by smoothening the wrinkles and fading the fine lines
  • Tightens up the skin on the chest

How Does HIFU Work?

The ultrasonic light is used to generate heat. This heat causes tiny skin cells to become damaged. This intern triggers the body’s inflammatory mediators for repair. As a result it causes the production of collagen and collagen then promotes elasticity and tightness to the skin. 

After a few sessions the skin will start to become tight and the long lost elasticity will be restored. The key to attain perfect results after a HIFU is to avoid using harsh cleansers,  and moisturize the face often with a gentle moisturizer. 

What Can I Expect During HIFU Treatment? 

The aesthetician will perform the treatment very gently. However, you can expect the following during the treatment:

  • Very mild swelling that will subside in an hour 
  • A light tingling sensation that is because of cellular mobility. 
  • Temporary redness and flashes 
  • Some candidates experience numbness that will eventually go 
  • A low grade bruising 

How Many Sessions of HIFU Are Required? 

A lot of people ask How long does HIFU last and how often shoud i recieve the treatment? 

The number of sessions of HIFU depends on your desire whether you have achieved it or not. If not, then you can request for another session. 

On the other hand, if the aesthetician feels that you have too many imperfections and one session is not sufficient to treat your signs of aging then two to three sessions further are recommended. 

Is HIFU Safe For Use? 

If you are wondering that is HIFU safe? Then know that it is safe only under the following conditions:

  • If done by a well trained specialist
  • No extra frequency ultrasound is used
  • The device is properly sterilized 

Remember if you feel any unusual feeling while the treatment is unbearable,  making you feel miserable then you should let your Aesthetician know immediately. 

What Is The Cost Of HIFU Treatment In Dubai?

The HIFU treatment cost in Dubai usually strats from 600 AED to 2000 AED .The price of the treatment is not fixed. The doctor will tell you the exact cost based on the numer of sessions and condition of the candidate’s face.

The Bottom Line

There is no shame and harm in taking facials and skin treatments in an old age. Infact investing your time and money on the maintenance of yourself is very encouraged and appreciated. The HIFU treatment in Dubai promises you to get a younger looking self and reveal a new look.