stem cell hair transplant

What are Stem Cells?

In simple words, A cell that holds a special proficiency to develop into many different and specialized types of cells is called a Stem Cell. They are also called the Master Cells of the body. They serve as a restoration system of the body and play an essential role in the recovery and development of the tissues. Stem cells work as an important construction block for the immune system, tissues, and organs of the body. Stem cells rejuvenate themselves and make more cells that are used to replace the damaged cells in the body.

Stem Cells Hair Transplant procedure

This procedure is almost equivalent to the classic hair transplant technique. But the main difference is, instead of taking a large number of hair follicles to transfer them into the bald or hair loss area, hair follicles get collected from a small skin sample.

The Hair transplant procedure begins with a biopsy, and the stem cells get taken out from the patient. Biopsy gets done via a circular cutter for the extraction of sample tissue. Then in the laboratory, stem cells get separated and processed further in the laboratory.

Who is the Best Candidate for Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

Stem Cell Therapy or hair restoration technique is used to enhance the thickness and volume of the hair. Both males and females can experience this treatment for improved hair. Patients who got some hair left on the scalp, are the best candidates for this hair transplant. Get an Appointment and have a proper consultation with an Expert Dermatologist to know if you are an ideal candidate for the Stem Cell Hair Transplant or not.

A stem Cell Hair Transplant is the best for you if:

  • You want the rejuvenation of your Natural Hair.
  • You want to add thickness to the thin hair parts.
  • You want Volumised Natural and Healthy Hair.
  • Your hairline is getting fade, and you want to add fullness to it.
  • You want your youthful, healthy, and shiny hair back.
  • You are tired of using the products which prevent hair loss, but nothing is working for you. 
  • The Stem Cell Hair Transplant deals with male and female baldness issues and provides long-lasting and outstanding results.
  • The Stem Cell Hair Transplant Treatment is advanced and the latest technique used to grow new, healthy hair that looks naturalistic.

Many people do not know much about it since this is the new method of repairing hair. Below are some key points you need to know to get some knowledge and benefits of Stem Cell Hair Transplant.

Losing Hair due to Stem Cell Loss:

We consider it completely normal to lose hair or get them thinner as we age. If we ask people why they are losing here, they probably reply that it is because they are getting older or maybe it is because of heredity factors. But the heredity factors and aging, both can be the reason for it.

There can be several reasons for experiencing hair loss. Some of them are:

  • Aging.
  • Imprudent Sun Exposures.
  • Using Hair Care products that contain too many chemicals.

You will start experiencing hair thinning, less volume, and baldness when your Hair follicles get dehydrated, Stem cells that keep on growing continuously can also get damaged or lost and die. 

Experiencing hair loss and baldness can be annoying and frustrating even more when no haircare product gives the expected results. Take an appointment, and Get the amazing Hair loss treatment in Dubai with the best services and exceptional results.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Treatment has Side Effects:

  • Usually, Hair Transplant treatments are considered to be the easiest way of getting rid of baldness, but they do have more side effects. The surgical procedure of transplanting hair involves the replacement of the hair follicles which can cause extreme scarring on the treated area and more aching.
  • On the other hand, Stem Cell Hair Transplant Treatment involves the extraction of a small part of a hair follicle, which is why it is much less painful and causes only mild scarring. The Doctor uses a fine needle to extract the hair follicle from the skin, and the whole procedure is performed peacefully.

Extracting Stem Cells from the other Body Parts:

Stem Cells are different from other Body Cells because they expand themselves through Cell Division.

Stem Cells can be extracted from other parts of the body too. Doctors use Stem Cells from the different parts of the body to treat different problems. Doctors are using Skin Stem Cells for hair growth purposes.

Fast Recovery:

Patients who experience traditional hair transplant surgery, get a recovery time of one or more than one week.

On the other hand, patients who experience Stem Cell Hair Transplants heal quickly within two days.

Stem Cell Hair for different areas

Stem Cell hair can be used to grow back the hair in different areas. Doctors are using this technique to continue the hair of the eyebrows and beard. 

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