5 Areas of The Face That Can Be Improved by Fillers

What is more upsetting than seeing your face age just like you?  The premature signs of aging like crows feet, frown lines, sunken cheeks, wrinkles around the corners of your mouth are a major turn down. They might not be hitting you at the moment but it will surely in the next couple of years. The only solution to all these problems is getting your hands on Dermal fillers that are highly effective in reversing the science of aging. The good news here is our dynamic clinic is successfully providing the best dermal fillers in Dubai ever since they have evolved.

Here is a brief description about all  you should know about dermal fillers that will leave you amazed!

What Are Dermal Fillers? 

Dermal fillers are injections that consist of Hyaluronic acid. The amount of Hyaluronic acid used is legal and meets the standards suggested by the board of aesthetics in Dubai. As the name indicates dermal fillers are used on the face but there are other fillers also that can be used on the hips and thighs. This article addresses the ones used for facial improvement.

5 Areas Of The Face That Can Be Improved By Fillers 

The Lines On The Forehead

The lines on your forehead are known as the frown lines. As you age your cellular integrity starts to decrease. As a result the proteins responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin that is collagen tends to lose its integrity also.

Tear Troughs

These are the areas around the eyes. They are also known as crows feet because they closely resemble fine and thin lines and wrinkles. Treating them with some high quality fillers can clear them up.


It is believed that plumer and pouty lips are more liked as compared to chapped and thin ones. As one progresses towards aging the lips tend to lose their muscular thickness and as a result they gradually start to pinch inwards. The Russian Lip Fillers in Dubai instantly plump and fill up your lips.

The Russian Lip fillers are the most popular in Dubai. 

Commissures Of the Mouth

The thin fine lines at the angle or corners of your mouth look very discouraging from the aesthetical aspect. Dermal Fillers play a very effective role on the wrinkles around the corners of the mouth. They instantly fade them up and tighten the skin surface.


You know you are progressing towards the process of aging when you need to contour your cheeks with high definition makeup. you can now keep all your

makeup products aside because the dermal fillers work effectively in enhancing your cheeks and making them prominent.

How Is The Procedure Of Dermal Fillers Done?

The reason why we are considered as providing the best dermal fillers in Dubai is because we have a very skillful team of aestheticians that have sound knowledge of the skin and its related concerns. Each and every individual is mastered in the problems associated with aging and how to reverse them. The procedure they follow for dermal fillers includes:

Aesthetician will first map the areas that are to be targeted. Once this is done the mapped areas will be desensitized using a local anaesthesia. This is to prevent any pain while injecting the fillers.

The Hyaluronic acid infused injection is that injected into the targeted and mapped sites. The Aesthetician ensures that the correct amount is injected in the mark areas. The paramedical staff is surrounded to clean any blood that oozes out while injecting the fillers.

The candidate is then sent home with some after care and instructions to follow.

What Is The Cost Of Dermal Fillers? 

The filler cost in Dubai for cheeks, lips, under eyes and around the mouth is 1200 AED for 1ml. The russian lip fillers cost about 1099 AED for 1ml.

The Final Verdict!

Everyone deserves to look good. Daily life chores and hectic routine causes a person to ignore them self. This is the main reason why people end up aging faster. Spending some time on yourself and taking a session of facial fillers in Dubai is  the best way to reverse the skin problems related to aging.