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Good and attractive facial features compliment only when they are paired with the perfect symmetry of the phase. In cases of dental problems where the right side of the arch of the teeth is different from the left, the easiest method is to undergo orthodontic treatment and it will be corrected right away. In the case of facial asymmetry you need to take some prompt treatment such as dermal fillers. This article addresses some of the outstanding and proven techniques of filler for face symmetry that will leave you wanting.  

What Is Dermal Filler? 

Dermal fillers are nothing but just an injection that consists of Hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for eliminating fine lines and improving wrinkles, all by restoring the hydration of the skin. Regular shots and sessions of dermal fillers are sure to provide promising results and fight against the early signs of aging.

As a person ages the symmetry of the phase gets affected because of the loss of collagen and decreased hydration. This causes saginess or drooling of the either side of the skin.  Some people may not bother it but those who are concerned often go for the pillar techniques to restore the facial symmetry back. 

 Four Best Filler Techniques For Facial Symmetry 

According to aesthetics the best filler techniques are Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm fillers and fillers with Botox.

Here is the closer look about each filler: 


  •  Consists of Calcium Hydroxyapatite that is responsible for making the skin look youthful.
  • Improves collagen texture 
  • Corrects the contouring and shape of the face 
  • Has long term results up to one year. 


  • Smoothens the skin by keeping fine lines and wrinkles off. 
  • Adds shine and luster
  • Improved facial profile by working on the symmetry
  • Contours jaw line


Botox are not actually fillers but they are rather a form of it. Unlike fillers they do not have Hyaluronic acid in them. They consist of Botulinum toxin. It works by freezing the muscles and preventing spasms. They act as filler for face buy rejuvenating and increasing the tonicity of the targeted area. 

  • Adds youthfulness to the face 
  • improves wrinkles fine lines
  • Clears off  crows feet 
  • can be effective for lock jaw resulting in a facial asymmetry after any trauma to the face. 

Combination Of Botox and Fillers

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm fillers, Restylane and Radiesse when used in combination with botox provide exuberant results for improving facial symmetry. 

How is the treatment of facial symmetry with fillers done? 

Initial Consultation and History

 The astheticiantician will ask the reasons for the asymmetry whether you have undergone any trauma, accident or infection. Mostly it could be age related . 

Mapping The Targeted Areas

The dermatologist will then mark the areas that are to be targeted.

Administration of LA

 A local anaesthesia is administered to prevent any pain perception and block the pain channels. 

Injecting The Filler 

 The marked areas are then injected with fillers and the blood will be cleared off if it is oozing. It is important for the terminology to follow the protocols and method correctly because the entire treatment success and failure for the filler for face depends on the injecting techniques. 

Rest and Recovery 

After the completion of the procedure the candidate will be left to see if she is presenting with any allergic responses. If not then he/she will be sent home.


  • Youthful appearance 
  • improvement in facial texture 
  • elimination of fine lines wrinkles and saggy skin
  • Improvement in the symmetry of the face correction of the proportions

The Aftercares

  • Avoid Sun exposure
  •  do not use extra harsh cleansers on the face 
  • keep yourself well hydrated
  •  use moisturizers daily before bed and after every face wash
  •  avoid any home remedies and DIY masks avoid missing any sessions if advised by the dermatologist

The Final Verdict

A lot of people have enjoyed the benefit of fillers but  few only know that it is also used for the correction of facial symmetry. The dermal fillers are not just confined for wrinkles, fine lines and giving a youthful appearance but also in balancing the proportions and dimensions of the face within the correct limits. The main fact is that you should be well known about the fillers and choosing the right dermatologist for the selection of filler for the face is the key.