360 Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

For people who want to get rid of excess fat from the entire mid-section, 360 liposuction can be helpful. It can help you achieve a curvier, more balanced, and contoured figure from each and every angle. Further, it can make the problem site look smoother by targeting fat deposits stored in that particular area. Anyhow, when it comes to the procedural steps, they are somewhat similar to traditional liposuction: anesthesia administration, fat liquefication, and extraction. Continue reading to learn more about the process.

Top 5 Body Areas to Treat with 360 Lipo:

Liposuction was originally used to treat stubborn fat in a singular area at a time. Over time, it was discovered that it can target multiple regions of the mid-section simultaneously including the waist, flanks, back, upper abdomen, and lower abdomen. The food and drug administration has approved the application of liposuction for these areas.

How It Works:

At Dynamic clinic, our surgeon uses a vacuum to liquefy and suck fat from the mid-section. It will improve your natural curves and provide you with more dramatic upshots. Anyhow, if there is a lot of fat to be removed, the surgeon may also utilize a laser to make the process more effective.

Is it Worth it?

It is human nature to look good every day, every time. Sculpting your body permanently can help you with that.

Precisely speaking, 360 lipo can help you achieve a sleek figure and beautiful curves for a very long time, maybe forever. It is basically a more comprehensive type of liposuction, encompassing the whole body (both back and front). It addresses excess fat in 360 degrees to provide better body sculpting effects: Cutting a long story short, it’s definitely worth trying.

How Should I Prepare for this Procedure?

Look better and improve your health in the long-run with the best 360 lipo in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. However, to get the best possible results, you need to prepare yourself for your surgery day. In preparation, you may be asked to:

  1. Ready yourself both mentally and physically
  2. Quit smoking as it can make recovery more difficult
  3. Discontinue using medications you take on a regular basis. This will decrease the chances of bleeding after the procedure
  4. Avoid using aspirin and Ibuprofen

A Look at the Recovery of 360 Lipo:

While it can help a lot to successfully improve the abdomen, it’s still a cosmetic surgery that involves downtime, side-effects, and difficult recovery periods meaning it needs a great deal of attention and care for proper recovery. However, what to expect after the operation can make the recovery smoother, easier, and faster.

The first week after 360 lipo is typically the most uncomfortable time for patients. Your abdomen and back will be swollen, bruised, and sore at this point. But before leaving the clinic, you will be provided with a proper pain management plan to reduce these side-effects. In the plan, you may be asked to use pain relievers, anti-biotic, and ice packs to help take the edge off before it’s too late.

Note: You can expect to fully recover between 1- 4 weeks depending on the fat to be removed


360 lipo in Dubai provides the best aesthetic results to most of the patients. Through this treatment, you can get rid of up to 6-8 pounds of fat safely. But depending on how much fat is addressed, you can expect to enjoy final results within 2-4 months after the surgery.


In Dubai, 360 lipo ranges in price from about AED 8,000 to AED 25,000, depending on the clinic you choose and the areas being treated.

Wrapping Up!

360 liposuction effectively reduces fat in the entire abdomen. So, if you have fat accumulated in the abdominal area, 360 liposuction in Dubai may be the answer for you.

Dynamic clinic offers this incredible treatment at affordable rates so don’t delay book today. Fill out the consultation form or call us to do so.