Who needs Jaw Enhancement

What do you know about Jaw Enhancement?

You can frame facial features both surgically and non-surgically. Jaw enhancement is a procedure to change the shape of the lower face. Chin implants are suitable to make permanent changes in the facial contour. It can correct a weak chin and improve the sagging of the jowls without any pain. Implants bring definition to the jawline by elongating the look of the jaw. The surgery is performed under anesthesia to prevent undesirable sensations during it. It smoothes contours, balances facial silhouette, and creates strong chin. The good thing is that if the surgery is performed correctly it does not produce any visible scarring.

Non-invasive Jaw Enhancement:

Other than surgery, you can try injectable fillers to make changes in your face structure. It is a non-invasive treatment to sculpt your new chin and bring balance to the facial harmony. A small amount of special solution is injected in the lower face region to smooth out sharp contours. This jaw enhancement treatment is done with the help of fine needles so there will be no pain during it.

Who needs Jaw Enhancement?

To address a weak or recessed chin, jaw enhancement is a good option available for you. Any person aged 18 or older is perfect for this treatment. But prior to deciding on the treatment, you have to make sure that you are physically, and psychologically stable to make this decision.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not allowed to have Jaw enhancement

What you can expect from Initial Consultation?

In the initial appointment, our experts will discuss your aesthetic problems, and determine which jaw enhancement procedure is right for you. Generally, non-surgical jaw enhancement is done to make temporary changes in chin structure because the results last anywhere from 8-12 months. However, to make permanent changes in facial contour, you should go for Jaw Implant in Dubai. The surgery is too expensive but the results are exceptionally impressive.

What much do Jaw Enhancement Procedures Cost?

Jaw enhancement varies widely in price depending upon the results you desire, which area of chin requires improvement and the used method. Talk to an expert to find out which jaw enhancement procedure is well suited for you.

What to Expect after Jaw enhancement?

Immediately after the treatment, patients will experience mild swelling, bruising, and soreness in the treatment site for a couple of days. In the case of implant surgery, bandages and dressings will also be provided to ensure the safety and health of patients. Once the surgery is completed, you are free to return home and resume your activities without noticeable side-effects. Over time, your wounds will be healed and results will become noticeable. For the best outcomes, you will be asked to schedule regular appointments with your practitioner.

What are the Benefits of Jaw Enhancement?

Important benefits of Jaw enhancement include,

  • Both surgical and non-surgical procedures produce significant improvements in face structure.
  • Recovery of injectable fillers is short and simple.
  • Results are natural-looking, wonderful and long-lasting.
  • Improves facial harmony by creating a strong chin and defined jawline.
  • Help patients to fulfill their aesthetic desires.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a reputed organization to get Jaw enhancement in Dubai, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is a perfect place for you. We have trained, and experienced staff at the clinic to provide you the desired aesthetic outcomes. Fill the form or call us to book a free appointment with one of our cosmetic surgeons.