Which Cellulite Treatment is Most Effective

Interesting Facts:

  • Cellulite usually develops in areas where fat forms
  • Women are more likely to get cellulite than men
  • The best way to diagnose cellulite is with a pinch test.

What are my options? Which Cellulite Treatment is Most Effective in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Am I the right candidate? To find out answers to these questions, this guide is definitely for you.

According to one study, cellulite affects up to three million Emiratis every year. Though it’s one of the common conditions, determining the best cellulite treatment is still a mystery to many.

The main purpose of cellulite treatment is to reduce the fat layers within the skin. Yes, it is true. When fat cells accumulate, they push away from the skin, and tough fibers are pulled downward. This makes the skin surface uneven. So, reduction in fat layers gives you that smooth skin again.

Top 4 Treatment Options:

Top 4 cellulite treatments include laser treatment, subcision, endermologie, and acoustic wave therapy. Take a look at these treatments more closely:

Laser Treatment:

There are many laser treatments out there to help get rid of, or at least reduce, cellulite. The most popular laser procedure involves inserting a tiny laser fiber under the skin to loosen those tough bands. Just so you know, in addition to treating cellulite, laser treatment also helps reduce age-related skin problems.


In subcision, the dermatologist inserts a needle under the skin to break up the bands. Patients are encouraged to select a highly experienced doctor for this type of cellulite treatment.

It should be pointed out that subcision is better than laser treatment. A recent study found that about 80% of patients are very happy with their subcision treatment.


Endermologie is another non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment. The doctor uses a special device for this. The procedure involves your physician using a device on the skin surface to massage and sucks on it. This approach is safer and more effective since there is no administration of foreign objects, not even the needles. Plus, patients receive results for three to four years.

Acoustic Wave Therapy:

This is a new paradigm for cellulite treatment. It involves applying pressure waves to the skin for targeting fibrous septae and fat protrusion. When pressure waves hit the skin surface, they break up the collagen, making the skin surface smoother. The results are long-lasting but it is important to note that four to six treatments are needed to achieve them. This also means long recovery times and slow outcomes.

Which Cellulite Treatment Is Most Effective In Dubai & Sharjah?

The physician will likely perform a physical exam to help you choose the best option. You might also have some tests including pinch tests, blood tests, etc.

Generally speaking, Subcision can be used for more severe cases. It may offer the longest-lasting results by treating the primary cause of dimpling i.e. collagen septate

The Takeaway:

With the plethora of cellulite treatments, it becomes easier than ever to get smoother skin again. From laser treatment to subcision, there are expanded choices to get rid of this condition.

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