right time for a hair transplant

Are you suffering from hair loss and thinking about when is the right time for a hair transplant? Hairfall has no age. Once the person grows out of their puberty stage, there is a 50% chance they will start experiencing hair fall. Although most people in their 20s only face occasional hair fall due to stress, there are some cases where the condition is severe. This leads to the person balding out in their 20s and being completely bald by the time they reach 30.

There is a majority of individuals. If you’re wondering about the right time for treatment, you should know that it depends on the person who is losing their hair.

How to Recover Bald Spots:

Getting a hair loss treatment in Dubai is the safest and quickest way to regain your lost follicles. Since it’s minimally invasive, there is a majority of people prefer other options. You can even get shampoos and oils to help recover your thinning hair but unfortunately, that is a very time-consuming solution.


If you are considering getting a transplant. Keep in mind that there are a few options available. You can get an FUE, FUT, and even a DHI. Even though all three of these techniques follow the same rules, they have slight differences that can alter the results.

An FUE transplant involves removing one follicle at a time, making grafts of the hair one at a time, and then implanting them in the bald spots.

A FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai will leave a large scar and involves removing an entire strip of hair from the harvesting site. This strip is then divided into smaller grafts and the implants are placed in the bald spots.

A DHI transplant involves directly taking the hair from the harvest site and implanting it in the receiver site. 


An alternative to getting a transplant is to use shampoos and conditioners. This alternative, however, is not that effective within the first few days. You will have to wait for at least 4 months before the results show.


Lastly, you can also treat your bald spots with injectables. PRP hair treatments in Dubai are gaining fast popularity due to the fast results. This procedure involves taking blood from the body and extracting the plasma from it. This platelet plasma is then injected into the bald spots.

What is the Cost of Hair Loss Treatments in the UAE?

Getting treatment for your hair fall can cost you around AED 6,999 to AED 14,999. Most people assume that this cost only covers the graft price. But the truth is that Dynamic Clinic is offering this price for the entire procedure.

This includes the doctor’s fee, the anesthesia, injections, and any other medical equipment needed to perform the hair transplant.

Hair transplants are some of the few cosmetic procedures that are partially covered by insurance. But there have to be certain guidelines that need to be followed. This means that you can only get insurance to cover hair restoration treatments in case of chronic illnesses.

When is The Right Time for a Hair Transplant?

Baldness in men can manifest as early as 18 years of age. Even if you experience early hair loss, getting a transplant before the age of 25 is not recommended since the hairline develops till age 29.

 Any baldness you might be experiencing usually stabilizes when u turn 35. This does not preclude you from getting a transplant sooner. However, it’s best to wait till sudden hair loss slows down so your hair specialist can determine your hair fall pattern. In short, it is best to get a hair transplant in your late 30s

 If you are thinking about what time of the year you should get a transplant, it is recommended to get it during the holidays. Most people tend to get a Hair Transplant in Dubai during the holidays to make the most of this treatment and not take any days off of work.

Are Hair Transplants Painful?

There is a misconception among people that getting a transplant is a very painful process. The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed under general anesthesia. So you will not be experiencing any pain during the procedure.

The recovery period, however, will cause discomfort and can be painful for some people. Studies show that a majority of men will develop an itchy scalp and will scratch away some of their grafts. This in turn causes the transplant site to bleed and form scars and scabs.

If you opt for other Hair Loss Treatments, you will experience no recovery time and will get beautiful locks without going through discomfort.

 Who is the Perfect Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

The first requirement is that the patient should be over 35. Most patients who are under this age will experience problems with their hairline in the future. Other eligibility characteristics include:

  • If you are getting PRP, your blood should be pure of substances. This includes tobacco and alcohol.
  • You should have healthy hair that can be harvested for the transplant.
  • You should not be overweight.
  • You must have short hair.
  • You need to have realistic perspectives about getting this treatment.

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