what to consider before getting breast implant

Why do Women need Breast Augmentation?

As breast size and shape define the posture of a woman’s body therefore every woman wants a perfect pair of boobs. But not every girl is born with ideal breasts, some have really smaller breasts and some have larger ones. Fortunately, there are several treatments that women can get to improve their breast appearance with Breast Implants. They can either try breast reduction surgeries or can go for breast augmentation to make them ideal.

What to Consider Before Getting a Breast Implant in Dubai?

If your breasts are less full than you’d like then don’t worry, visit us. Our surgeons will provide you with the size and shape of the breasts that you want. The conventional way to enhance breast appearance is through the use of implants. The two most common implants are silicone and saline. You can choose either one of them to improve your posture. They deliver natural, fuller and curvy look to the breasts. We are proud to announce that we have performed numerous successful breast augmentation surgeries at our clinic. If you are also interested in breast augmentation, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is a perfect place for you.

Choose the Right Doctor:

Selection of right plastic surgeon is very important in achieving the desired results. You should get your procedure done by an experienced, trained, qualified, and talented surgeon. Although it is very difficult task to find one but it is not impossible. Visit multiple clinics, look for the surgeon’s credentials, and then make your decision.

Find out if Implants are Suitable for you or not?

You are ideal for breast implants if you are looking for a surgical option to enhance the appearance of your bosoms. It is well suited for non-smokers and skinny women. However, women with unrealistic expectations and sufferers of serious health conditions are not good candidates. So prior to the treatment, make sure you have an ideal BMI as well as do not have any family history of cancer.

You should know that pregnant and breastfeeding women should not undergo this surgery

Recovery takes time:

Patients need to take off from work and household chores for at least a month after the surgery because the post-surgical scars and wounds require time to heal and fill. Also, you are going to experience pain, swelling, bruising, discomfort, and muscle aches during the recovery phase. You can take prescribed pain killers to reduce post-surgery inflammation. Do not return to work until your surgeon allows you to.

Is it Worth Getting Breast Implant for Augmentation?

Breast Implants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi results are amazing, natural-looking, and really attractive. In addition, recovery is not too difficult, you just have to follow the guidelines of the surgeon to recover properly. So, we can say that it is not a wrong-investment.

Patients need Revision Surgery:

At some point in life, every patient of breast implant surgery have to go for revision surgery, the reason is that implants do not last forever. The average lifetime of a breast implant is six to seven years. Over time, they begin to change their size and shape. And some patients reported that after a few years an unusual pain and discomfort start in the chest region, at that time they need revision surgery. However, you should know that these are more expensive than original breast implant surgery.

Breast Size can be Increased by Fat Transfer:

Woman’s own fat can be inserted in the breast to increase the size. It is a good alternative to implant because the procedure is less invasive and simpler than the surgery. The surgeon harvest the body fat purifies it and then re-inject to make the desired changes. The results are really impressive and 100% natural-looking. Talk to an expert to find you which breast augmentation procedure is perfect for you.

Results are not Immediate:

Fuller results of Breast implant surgery takes 2 months to appear. Some become visible immediately after the surgery but others take time. Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs and avoid smoking until you see the final outcome. Researchers found that smokers are less able to achieve the desired outcome because Nicotine and phenol highly affect the results.

Your Marriage Life Might be Disturbed:

You need to stay alone for the time you fully recover from the surgery. Take great care of the implant and do not apply pressure on your breasts as there is always a risk of leakage.

Why choose us?

Our talented surgeons can provide the desired results without any complications. They have performed dozens of breast augmentations surgeries so you don’t have to worry about the results. Visit us, our experts will give you pre-procedural tips, spotlights, insider information, and aftercare guidelines. Book an appointment with us by filling out the consultation or contacting us through the phone.