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Hair loss is one of the most prevalent issues that everyone is concerned about! Most of us neglect dry, frizzy hair until it causes thinning and, eventually, hair loss. This may be because of ignorance or a lack of knowledge about the signs of hair loss and related hair disorders. However, most of the time, this is due to a lack of understanding about the appropriate specialist. So, in this blog, we’ll talk about hair experts that can help you identify and cure hair problems.


A trichologist is a specialist who specializes in hair and scalp issues. He is also the best expert to diagnose and treat all types of alopecia. He may offer several hair and scalp tests to determine the root cause of the hair issue and to suggest treatment alternatives. As a result, instead of seeing a general practitioner, you should see a trichologist for all of your hair-related matters. However, for accurate findings, consult a skilled trichologist certified or registered member of an organisation.

The following are some of the most prevalent hair disorders for which a trichologist should be consulted:

  • Baldness (both male and female pattern baldness) 
  • Hair breakage 
  • Hair loss 
  • Rough hair-Hair Loss 
  • Itchy or flaky scalp

Hair transplant surgeon: 

As the name implies, a hair transplant surgeon is a professional who specializes in the process of hair transplantation (a technique that includes either seeding of the hair follicles or removing hair follicles from a site and planting it on hairless portions of the scalp). Previously, any licensed physician could do this operation; however, hair implants in Dubai surgeons have the expertise and are committed to this treatment. Because there are several transplant choices available, it is best to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the process with your physician before undergoing it.

The two most prevalent transplant procedures are:

  • Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)
  • Follicular units Extraction (FUE)

However, they are not the only professionals who can assist you in treating your hair loss issues. Based on the source of your hair loss, you may need to speak with a few more specialists, such as:

Dermatologists: Dermatologists can assist you in identifying any topical skin diseases that may be causing hair loss and offer medications to encourage hair growth.

Endocrinologists: These specialists assist you in detecting and diagnosing hormonal abnormalities (if any), which may cause significant hair loss and other hair disorders.

Nutritionists: If nutritional deficiencies cause your hair issues, contacting a nutritionist is a good idea since they can provide you with specific diet programs to better your condition.

Psychiatrists: These are the professionals to see if you have trichotillomania or trichophagia, rare but significant hair-related psychiatric issues. Trichotillomania is an obsessive control condition characterized by an uncontrollable impulse to pluck out hair from the scalp, brows, and other body parts. Trichophagia is an obsessive disorder characterized by compulsive hair pulling and chewing.

What We Can Do To Assist You:

We assess and treat all forms of hair loss, including scalp, brow, and moustache hair loss. The majority of the time, the diagnosis is clinical; however, biopsies are occasionally required to confirm it. Local therapies such as sprays and lotions, systemic treatments such as tablets and sometimes injections, and surgical procedures or Hair Replacement Dubai are all alternatives for hair loss.

Hair transplantation:

Hair transplant surgery entails extracting hair follicles from a dense donor region and transplanting them into areas of hair loss. Methods include the conventional strip procedure and the increased current FUE technique (follicular unit extraction). The latter is automated and employs cutting-edge technology. The most significant constraint of hair transplant is a limited donor area.

If you consider having hair transplant surgery in Dubai, you must seek professional guidance from hair specialists in Dubai. Contact our skilled doctors at Dynamic Clinic to learn about the most suitable and risk-free hair transplant therapy choices.

Final Words:

There is anticipation that stem cell cloning of hair follicles will soon give anyone considering this treatment a limitless supply of hair follicles. This would allow clients with poor donor locations to profit from hair transplantation, which continues to be among the most gratifying treatments to treat hair loss.

Dr Abdul Majeed Makkiya – Dubai’s Best Hair Specialist!

Dr Abdul Majeed Makkiya has been a significant figure in hair treatments for almost three decades. His three fundamental values are hard effort, education, and comprehensive research. He began his work in Canada but went to pursue his skills in the UAE. He provides a wide range of hair operations, including DHI, FUE, FUT, IPL, as well as PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai. So, if you have hair difficulties, you should see Dr Abdul Majeed Makkiya as soon as possible. He can assist because he is an expert in this field. You may schedule a meeting with him by clicking the “book an appointment” button or calling +971 561772998.

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