What is the Cost of Spectra Laser Carbon Peel in Dubai?

Skin problems are getting more common and complex day by day. It is due to changes in external factors that are influencing the skin. Environmental changes such as pollution have a drastic impact on the skin. In the past people used to opt for various home remedies and skincare products for keeping their skin healthy. They want to have a glow but could not reach their desired glow. With advancements in every field, skincare procedures are also getting more advanced. Spectra laser carbon peel is also gaining immense popularity due to its amazing results. You should know Spectra Laser Carbon Peel Cost in Dubai and get this treatment. 

What is Spectra Laser Carbon Peel?

The Treatment Spectra Laser Carbon Peel is also known as Hollywood peel or Carbon peel. It uses small pulses of laser light over the skin. These pulses are not targeted over the skin directly. A carbon lotion is applied on the skin that is deeply absorbed and evaporates from the skin by the heat of laser light. 

How is Spectra Laser Carbon Peel Treatment Done?

This treatment is done under the administration of local anesthesia. The carbon lotion applied on the skin acts as a photo enhancer that helps to remove and exfoliate all the dead skin. To start the procedure the skin is cleaned entirely to remove all the dirt and debris. Your doctor may ask you to wear eyeshields so that the laser light may not penetrate into your eyes. After cleaning the skin carbon lotion is applied. This lotion contains small carbon particles that adhere to the skin’s surface. The lotion is left to dry and the small particles go into small skin pores.

After the particles are absorbed small pulses of laser light are directed onto the skin surface. The laser used is Nd: YAG which uses small pulses of specific wavelength on the skin surface. This laser light is passed over the treatment area in a controlled manner. The pulses of the laser help in the evaporation of carbon particles that causes the rejuvenation of the skin’s surface. This laser light not only exfoliates but penetrates deep into the skin to remove all the skin blemishes such as wrinkles and fine lines. You can apply cooling mist on your face after exposing it to the laser light. This will give your skin a cooling effect. 


Aftercare is important to follow after the treatment. Your healthcare provider will give you some instructions to maintain the results. These precautions may vary from person to person depending upon the sin type. But the general measures are as follows:

  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Do not take medications as it slows down your metabolism and ultimately the healing process.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. 
  • Apply sunscreen when going out. It will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Make sure not to touch and rub the treated area.
  • Use anti-bacterial soaps and face wash to prevent infection.
  • Do not perform strenuous and vigorous exercises.
  • If a candidate experiences pain he shroud take a painkiller to get relief.


You can expect to have redness and swelling on the treatment site which is a normal process. It will subside after some days and you will notice more good results. The results of this procedure vary from person to person. It totally depends on the hair texture and color. The skin condition of the client also affects the results. Your dermatologists will decide on the number of sessions after examining your skin. This procedure helps you to make your skin look more clear and more prominent. it exfoliates your skin and you will leave the clinic with bright and radiant skin. 

Cost of Spectra Laser Carbon Peel:

The Cost of Spectra Laser Carbon Peel in Dubai depends upon various factors. It mainly depends upon the extent of damage, type of skin, expertise of the doctor, and location of the clinic. It is cost effective procedure and you can visit our clinic to know about the cost.

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