What is Regenerative Medicine And How Does It Work

Everyone goes for beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures. But in most cases, they are unable to maintain their beauty. But the thing is that the internal system needs to treat. Regenerative medicine has made major advances. And also garnered widespread recognition, particularly in sports medicine. If you are looking for what is Regenerative Medicine And How Does It Work in Dubai? These medications are injected into the human body. It helps a wounded tendon, ligament, muscle, or joint. These living cells, biomaterials, and growth factors help to activate the healing. And also promotes tissue regeneration by injecting stem cells. It can increase and differentiate into a variety of specialized cells. It includes bone, cartilage, and muscle cells.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a discipline of medicine. That seeks to repair or replace damaged tissue and organs. The treatment can enhance healing. The treatment entails the use of a variety of approaches. It involves cellular therapy, tissue engineering, and gene therapy. The treatment helps promote the growth and regeneration of healthy tissue. The human body has an inbuilt potential to repair and rejuvenate itself. This inborn healing capacity has the potential to cure ailments. That is caused by chronic pain. And musculoskeletal disorders to degenerative diseases and organ failure.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Regenerative medicine is a vast discipline. That includes a variety of therapies, each with a distinct aim. Following are some examples of regenerative medicine types and applications:

  • Stem Cell Therapy:

In this treatment, the living cells help to promote the regeneration of tissue. Stem cells are a type of cell that is commonly employed in cellular therapy. They can develop into a variety of different cells in the body. And can also aid in the repair of damaged tissue by differentiating it into new cells. Cellular therapy can treat a variety of illnesses. It includes heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury.

  • Ozone Therapy:

This treatment aids in the cleansing of the blood of pollutants and ailments. Several other variables are also interfering with appropriate cell activity. While giving the blood a healthy fresh burst of oxygen. Ozone will revitalise the body and assist it in healing itself. The blood is collected in this procedure by using an Ozonosan machine.

It will be injected with ozone into the body. It is a pleasant and painless experience. The procedure is carried out in one of two ways. It works for immune enhancement, and liver detoxification. And also anti-inflammation for anti-inflammation. It helps, to reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

  • IV Therapy:

This method involves the laboratory production of new tissue. It works by utilising a combination of biomaterials and living cells. After that, the created tissue can be implanted into the body to replace damaged tissue. It has the potential to transform the treatment of a wide range of illnesses. So it includes bone and cartilage deformities, skin wounds, and organ failure.

  • IV Low-Level Laser Therapy:

When exposed to low-energy photons at the injectable site. Then the infrared light helps regulate biological processes in the cell. This photobiomodulation phenomenon has clinical implications. It can speed up wound healing and treat soft tissue damage. The activation of mitochondrial respiration chain components.

  • NAD+ IV Therapy:

NAD+ is a critical molecule produced by our cells. It also conducts hundreds of critical jobs. NAD+ converts our meals into chemical energy. Our NAD+ levels continuously decline as we age. It can cause age-related diseases. The purpose of infusing NAD+ via IV drip treatment is to prevent ageing. And also aid in the recovery process.

  • Gene Therapy:

In this procedure, genetic material is helps to repair damaged genes. This treatment helps treat both inherited diseases. It includes cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, and other diseases. It includes obesity, heart disease, cancer, and HIV. The goal of gene therapy is to provide long-term treatment.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy:

This is a type of regenerative medicine that promotes healing. It works by using a patient’s own platelet-rich blood plasma. Platelets are microscopic blood cells that help the body mend itself naturally. When it is injected into the site of an injury, it can speed up healing and reduce inflammation.


The Cost of Regenerative Medicine in Dubai is reasonable. It is a cost-effective treatment for different purposes. The price of the procedure is not constant. Because it depends on many factors. The following are the cost-influencing factors:

  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The condition of the applicants.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The expectations of the candidates.

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