How to Use Regenerative Medicine in Dubai to One's Desire?

Ozone treatment can improve both genders’ sexual health in addition to helping to treat severe disorders. Since the prevalence of various health conditions is increasing recently. The majority of people are concurrently experiencing a decrease in their sexual health. Given that they are developing bad eating habits and not getting the recommended amount of exercise by walking and moving around. To improve the sexual health of both sexes, there are many different therapies available. However, these treatments take time, and if these conservative methods fail to treat these peculiarities, surgeries may also be necessary. Therefore, doctors have invented regenerative medicine to treat such disorders but people still face confusion in How to Use Regenerative Medicine in Dubai to One’s Desire.

What is Regenerative Medicine in Dubai?

Utilizing ozone is part of Regenerative Medicine Treatment in Dubai. Three molecules of oxygen combine to form ozone. Being a very unstable molecule, it dissolves fast in the blood and improves the health of the patient. In addition to easing pain and treating cancer, it also strengthens immunity. The most recent research indicates that it can enhance interpersonal interactions of both genders.

Many men and women experience sexual health issues, which primarily involve early ejaculation and, in the case of the former, diminished orgasmic intensity. Additionally, both male and female fertility is improved by this treatment.


Regenerative Medicine in Dubai & Abu Dhabi improves blood flow, which ultimately improves oxygenation. These boosts strengthen the immune system and reduce oxidative stress. Additionally, it helps the body rid itself of toxins and waste, which enhances the body’s general state of health. After taking into account your past medical history the doctor sees if you are eligible for the treatment or not.

The doctor initiates the treatment and completes it in different sessions. Each session takes the time period of 30-40 minutes. He provides this treatment through the intravenous root because through this root the medicine produces more efficient and effective results. And perform the procedure in several steps.

  • The doctor takes out a tiny amount of blood from the patient.
  • Combines the extracted blood with the ozone to make it expose to it
  • Inserts the blood that has been combined with ozone intravenously. 
  • Additionally, ozone treatments like ozone saunas and injections can help to improve sexual health.
  • After the treatment completes, the doctor observes the patient whether the treatment is suitable for the patient or not.


The most crucial step after finishing therapy is to adhere to the aftercare recommendations. First off, taking these preventative actions will help you get the desired outcomes. Additionally, they will increase the duration of outcomes and make the treatment worth investing in. Since this procedure directly makes contact with the blood of the patient. This is the reason the doctor strictly recommends following the aftercare measure to avoid serious consequences.

  • Drink no less than 6 and no more than 8 glasses per day.
  • 4 days following therapy, stop using tobacco.
  • Refrain from alcohol and caffeine for at least a week after therapy.
  • For 48 hours, refrain from having any sexual activities.
  • Take drugs as your doctor prescribes
  • Consult your doctor regularly as he advises.
  • Make sure to eat a healthy diet.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine in Dubai:

The purpose of this operation is to increase both genders’ sexual well-being. It improves libido, orgasmic intensity, and overall relaxation. Ozone Treatment enhances blood flow to the genitals regions by entering the bloodstream. Eventually, the increased circulation helps to reduce oxidative stress and remove harmful substances from that location. Additionally, it enhances hormone production and balance. These elements all contribute to stimulating sexual health. In short, it provides various benefits that are as follows

  • Boosts libido.
  • Lengthen the orgasmic period.
  • Increases sexual desire. 
  • Rehabilitates erectile dysfunction.
  • Enhances fecundity of both genders.
  • Improves vaginal lubrication and stimulates the body’s blood flow and oxygenation.
  • Decrease oxidative stress and promotes immunity.

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