What is Laser Hair Removal Is It Permanent Is It Safe For The Eyes

Laser treatment in Dubai is more advanced than ever, and there’s more information available to the candidates. This page discusses the four most important things anyone interested needs to know before getting any laser procedure. So, whether you are planning to have it in near future or you are simply curious about how does it work, you may proceed.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Like most beauty treatments, it is an extremely personal experience. You should receive it only if it involves your own will.

During this procedure, single, concentrated laser light is targeted at the unwanted hair of the body to provide the individual with clear, smooth, and hairless skin. This method is way better than traditional approaches to unwelcoming hair in terms of instant results, smooth recovery, and low-cost. But it should be pointed out that you need to take at least six to seven laser sessions to get rid of hair permanently. Further, it possesses some risks. It’s likely to have swelling and bruising on the site from where the hair was eradicated through laser. Further details on side-effects and recovery will be given to you in the initial consultation session.

Is It Permanent?

Sufferers may be concerned about the quality and permanency of the results of Laser Treatments in Dubai. With a qualified and trained practitioner, the undesirable hair will be removed for a longer time period. But before you can enjoy the permanent results, it is necessary to take multiple sessions. It might be because in most cases, each session removes a small patch of hair. In addition, the hair grows back after a few weeks. Hence, you will need to repeat the procedure until the roots are completely destroyed.

Is it safe for the eyes?

Laser hair reduction is a non-surgical approach, therefore, the chances of severe complications are few. But please note that it requires appropriate aftercare, or else you may not be able to enjoy the results without complications and for a long time.

If we specifically talk about getting Laser Hair Removal around the eyes or forehead, it can be somewhat harmful. As with any cosmetic treatment, it carries side-effects like swelling, bruising, and soreness. While these side-effects are minimal, subsides within a week, but it’s very important to note that lasers can damage the cornea and ocular surface.

If you wish to have a safe laser treatment for your extra hair, you need to select an experienced, and trained practitioner for it. Unquestionably, he can provide you with impressive results without problems.

How Many Sessions Do I need?

“Face” is not the only area that can benefit from lasers, underarms, and bikini lines have become increasingly popular as sites to remove hair from. Anyhow, multiple sessions are necessary to receive long-term results from it. The exact number of treatments can vary based on the type & color of hair and skin the patient has. But according to experts at Dynamic clinic, patients need at least six therapies spaced three weeks apart to get rid of hair permanently. This also implies that the full laser treatment can be lengthy and too expensive. If you are interested to know the exact number of treatments or prices, you need to consult a certified doctor.

Wrapping Up!

Eventually, the decision to get any Laser Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a personal one: to be made by the patient herself, and the doctor. Plus, that decision should be made without any embarrassment. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied even with the best results.