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It is not uncommon for those who have recently had a baby and gain weight then you struggle very hard with relieving excess fat and skin around the abdomen. While it is necessary to eat well and exercise regularly, some transformations that emerge as a result of these life-changing incidents simply cannot be rectified by eating better and moving more. But no need to get depression, because the medical field has developed numerous techniques to help you out  A tummy tuck may be the most efficient technique to remove a protruding belly or obstinate rolls in many circumstances, and it may also help to revitalize self-esteem in one’s overall appearance. If you are looking for What is a Drainless Tummy Tuck? Let it be clear first, this treatment essentially combines the classic technique with liposuction, utilized by a multilayer suturing approach to avoid the requirement for any troughs to remove separated fat patches in your abdomen. This results in a more contoured and shapely appearance while reducing the need for additional surgical intervention.


The Aims Of The Treatment

A stomach fold, also known as abdominoplasty, is utilized to alter the impression of a deliberately swelling stomach by extracting extra skin and fat. It also constructs a smoother, more powerful tummy profile by recapturing diverse or weak abs. It is a treatment that is suggested all over the world for women who have had numerous pregnancies and for people who need to lose a lot of weight. It’s also fine if basic growth causes the stomach to protrude and sting. It helps to remove loose skin and tighten your remaining skin and muscle structure. Liposuction is efficient in extracting fat but less so at tightening the skin and does not address muscle separation. It is the ideal option for moms of all ages whose bodies did not recover as quickly as they had desired after pregnancy and childbirth. The procedure is also used by those who have a lot of drooping skin after losing a lot of weight. Others consider a stomach tuck as part of their battle against the natural consequences of aging when they can’t seem to firm up their physique despite spending numerous hours at the gym.

Pre-procedure Instructions

As you know, this process is the most convenient as compared to other surgical processes. You need to follow the below-given instructions which are recommended by the expert:

  • Discuss all the medical details with the expert.
  • The applicant must not be pregnant.
  • Avoid using all medications and drugs.
  • Complete all of your medical reports.
  • Take a healthy diet and get enough sleep before going for treatment.


The drainless tummy tuck in Dubai is performed in the following steps:

  • The process begins with the cleaning of the abdomen skin surface.
  • Then the doctor highlights the targeted site.
  • Then the expert will apply an anesthetic gel to the targeted skin to make you comfortable.
  • Then use liposuction to remove stubborn areas of fat in the abdomen.
  • This helps to tone and sculpt abdominal muscles while reducing the amount of surgical intervention directed to achieve your goals.
  • Then the expert will make an incision around your abdomen to tighten and remove loose skin and muscle tissue.
  • Then the contour is formed along Meso threads that are alternatively inserted through non-traumatic cannulas.
  • Sutures will be utilized in multiple layers to stop the post-operative drainage.
  • After the fibers have been repaired, you will be covered with the protective gel.
  • The expert will give you the post-procedure instructions.

Post-Procedure Care

There are some post-treatment instructions you need to follow for effective outcomes and avoidance of adverse effects. The patient should recognize that disobeying the doctor’s suggestions, the recuperation duration for the body following a Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck in Dubai is no more than two weeks. The following things should follow:

  • Avoid extended direct sunlight exposure.
  • Do not go to the beach or bathhouse.
  • Avoid strenuously and demanding physical activity, such as jogging and intense training.
  • Make no abrupt physical movements.
  • These instructions are intended to reduce any discomfort or problems and to increase the significance of the procedure.
  • You can resume an active lifestyle after your healing period is over.
  • In the case of infections, immediately consult with an expert.

The Benefits of a Drainleas Tummy Tuck

Using a progressive suturing procedure, a brainless tummy tuck eradicates the need for post-surgical drainage. To decrease the gap and relieve stress from the incision, this procedure tacks the skin and underlying tissue to the back of the abdominal wall. When compared to open surgery, the treatment has the following benefits:

  • The procedure is completely effortless.
  • It has only a few side effects.
  • It is a really efficient way of getting rid of extra skin.
  • Internal rejuvenation begins with the stimulation of collagen.
  • The effects are felt for a longer time period.
  • There is little restoration and recovery.
  • It modifies your lower body as per your desire.


The Cost of a  Drainless Tummy Tuck in Dubai is at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. It ranges between AED 18,000 and AED 35,000, but it depends on multiple aspects, including:

  • Anesthesia costs, as some patients need extra amounts, can increase the cost.
  • Fees for surgery vary depending on the patient’s complications.
  • The price will be determined by the hospital’s reputation; if it is located in a posh area, it will be expensive.
  • facility expenses, as if you avail of additional services, then charges will be high.
  • Medical examination reversal can alter the cost.
  • The expertise of the doctor can change the cost.

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