What can men expect during their dermal fillers recovery

Dermal Fillers in Dubai are gaining popularity in restoring youthful skin because they’re non-invasiveness with immediate outstanding results. Not just women but most men opt for these injectable fillers for skin rejuvenation purposes. Though the treatment is non-surgical and quick, many people still get concerned about the recovery period and what to expect. 

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What can men expect during their dermal fillers recovery?

  • Quick Recovery
  • Almost No Restrictions
  • Immediate Noticeable results
  • Minimal pain or Discomfort
  • Rare fewer side effects 

Quick Recovery

The recovery time for every dermal filler varies on the type of dermal filler used, the individual patient’s condition, the treated area, and the correction level. Generally, the recovery time for most men is one to two days. Also, fillers require no downtime. You can quickly go back to the office or resume daily activities right after the therapy. 

Little to no Limitations

There are almost no restrictions after getting dermal fillers. But it is advised to refrain from heavy lifting, workouts, and exercise for up to two days after treatment. Between these 24 to 48 hours, the injectable solution will settle down a bit in the skin. This time also helps heal the treated area, reducing the likelihood of bruising and swelling.

Immediate Noticeable results

Another good thing is that dermal fillers deliver immediate results. It may take a few weeks or more to show the complete results. Still, you’ll notice the significant difference in faded and reduced wrinkles and fine lines right after the procedure. In the initial weeks after the therapy, the treated area may look swollen or overfilled but will resolve itself quickly. The results will improve as the swelling or bruising starts healing. In case, after the expected time, results wouldn’t show up, you can get an extra filler shot.

Minimal pain or Discomfort

The dermal fillers are non-invasiveness and non-surgical facial revitalization treatments. So, they are almost pain-free, and no cuts or incisions are required. The therapy also doesn’t need general anesthesia but numbing cream or local anesthesia to make dermal fillers comfortable and less painful for the patients. The patient may encounter mild tenderness or swelling for a few days, which is normal and can be relieved through OTC medications.

Fewer side effects 

Unlike other facial rejuvenation treatments, there are no intense side effects or high-risk complications. Dermal fillers are efficient FDA-approved therapies that work well in smoothing the creases of facial lines and adding volume to facial areas. The few side effects include swelling, redness, and bruising. There are hardly any intense side effects if skilled dermatologists do the treatment.

How long do Dermal Fillers take to settle?

Luckily, dermal fillers provide immediate results and work fast in showing full benefits and results. These injectable therapies take some time to penetrate and incorporate deeper into skin tissues. Unlike other treatments, you don’t have to wait for one year or more to experience the complete results. It will only take 10 to 14 days to settle, and then you can enjoy the full results. 

For how much time do the dermal fillers last in men?

The long-term effects of the dermal fillers depend on how much time they take going down deeper into the skin. They usually take some time to incorporate into the skin because they mainly work on stimulating the body’s natural enzymes like hyaluronic acid. Typically the results last from twelve months or more for some patients. Also, results tend to last longer for facial areas with more minor movements. 

Dermal Fillers Cost in Dubai

Dermal Fillers Cost in Dubai is generally 1200 AED for 1ml. The price of each dermal filler is not the same and differs from patient to patient. The cost varies depending on the various following factors:

  • Facial area to be treated
  • Type of personalized treatment
  • The severity and the level of therapy
  • Practitioner’s skills and knowledge
  • Provider’s location and Clinical characteristics

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