Wrinkles Treatment In Dubai

The exhibition of aging signs is inescapable. Appearance of fine lines on your face is something not in your control but this does not mean that you cannot look youthful again. You do not have to feel self-conscious at all because there are plenty of treatments that can restore your self-esteem by giving you fresh, natural looking, beautiful skin. Botox injection treatment is one of the most popular treatments that can work like magic on your skin. Various Wrinkles treatments in Dubai, other than Botox too, are rapidly being opted for now. This blog will provide you with the necessary information that you require and also about the best dermatologist in Dubai that you can choose. So, read on!

What Causes Wrinkles?

As we age, our skin starts possessing creases, folds, or lines. These are called wrinkles. Everyone without exception will have them after a certain age. The major causes for the appearance on our skin is exposure to the UV radiations from the sun. Mainly it happens because our skin, because of age, slows down the production of a protein called collagen which gives firmness to our skin. Sun exposure slows-down collagen production. Other factors, such as genetics, are involved too but research suggests that sun is the real culprit after age, especially for the people with a lighter skin tone. Other major factors include:

  • Smoking: this surely has an effect over your skin. Other than affecting the lungs, smoking is damaging for your skin too as it affects collagen production.
  • Facial Expressions: we all are in the habit of making certain facial expressions repeatedly. As they reoccur again and again, eventually, creases and fine lines are formed.

Can You Prevent Wrinkles?

Although it is not possible to completely prevent wrinkles from appearing at your skin, you can surely slow down the pace at which they occur. If you take care of your skin, it can look youthful and fresh for a long time. Following are some prevention techniques that will help you:

Always Wear a Sunscreen

When we say ALWAYS, we mean it. You must wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVs to hit on your face and affect the collagen production. You should buy an SPF of 30 or over. This will prevent your skin from showing unwanted wrinkles. It is agreed upon by the dermatologists that wearing a sunscreen will slow down the process of appearance of wrinkles. You are supposed to wear a sunscreen even indoors when there is no direct exposure with sun rays.

Put on a Moisturizer

A moisturizer on the dry skin reduces the potential of your skin to get affected. Therefore, you are required to always put on a moisturizer.

Eat Healthy

A good diet keeps you healthy and accelerates the process of collagen production. That is why people with a good diet have a more mesmerizing looking skin.

Treatments for Wrinkles?

There are invasive and non-invasive treatments for wrinkle appearance. We’ll explain a few most popular ones:

Botox Injections

It is a non-invasive procedure in which a toxic Botulinum toxin type A is injected into the skin for the cessation of muscles responsible for producing wrinkles. This toxin blocks the nerve signals due to which muscle, in any concerned area, becomes immovable. Due to this, the skin looks tightened and youthful. The effects of this treatment last for 3 to 4 months. This is one of the most popular ways.


Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure in which a certain layer of skin is removed. It removes the dead skin cells and helps the sun damaged skin. Because of this, your skin will become smooth and wrinkle-free. You might have to have a series of sessions in order to get the desired results.


Fillers that employ hyaluronic acid, along with other substances, are popularly employed to treat wrinkles. These fillers are used by celebrities as well. The longevity of fillers is more than 6 months and in ideal cases it can last up to a year, if proper aftercare is carried out.

Wrinkle Treatment is Dubai

Dubai, being one of the most famous countries of the world, offers you various opportunities to get rid of wrinkles from your skin. This is why you will find top dermatologists in Dubai who can certainly help you. If you are looking for the cost of treatments, it naturally varies from the treatment you have chosen. This means that, for instance, if you have chosen Botox injections for wrinkles in Dubai as your treatment, it will cost you differently than if you choose microdermabrasion treatment. At Dynamic Clinic, however, Botox injections will cost you around AED 1200, while fillers will cost you around AED 999 for 1 ml. This can, however, vary from the severity of your wrinkles and other factors.

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