Skin rashes types and causes skin diseases list and treatment

The red patch on your skin which often becomes itchy and discomforting at times is nothing but a simple type of skin rash.  Skin rashes are a quite common problem, especially for those living in Dubai. This is because of the climatic changes and lack of awareness to seek dermatological help from specialists.  This article will address some of the skin rashes types, their causes, and how Dermatologists in Dubai treat them. 

What are Skin Rashes?

Skin rashes are a common condition or a disease of the skin that often appears red and textured with severe inflammation. the nature of their rashes may vary; they can either be very dry or scaly. In some cases, skin rashes are quite painful and often provoke a burning sensation in the candidate. There are a couple of things that can elevate skin rashes such as infections fungal infections viruses etc.

Why are Skin Rashes Common in the UAE?

To begin with, the reason why skin rashes are so common in the UAE is because of the continuous change in the climate nature.  For instance, if it is hot today then the very next instant it can turn either very humid or very dry.  The shift in the tropical climate has a deep impact on your skin and this is a contributing factor for skin rashes.

Candidates who already possess very sensitive skin are even more prone to getting rashes and skin diseases from the continuous change in the climatic weather of Dubai.

Who are the Candidates Prone to Skin Rashes? 

  •  Candidate with very sensitive skin.
  •  People who live in areas where hygiene is not concerned.
  •  Already had an existing skin disease.
  •  Come from different areas and have an excessive travel history.
  •  Candidates living in areas where the running water is not filtered and is infected.
  •  People who already had an existing disease that progressed into skin rashes.

Some Major types of Skin Rashes  and Diseases:

Here is a list of some common types of skin rashes Dermatologists in Dubai normally come across for treatments : 


Eczema comes in multiple types such as atopic dermatitis and another rare condition. According to Dermatologists, eczema is a kind of skin rash that is normally present during the early years of life however it can also be observed and acknowledged in the late years of life it is hereditary and candidates with other allergies are very prone to eczema. 

Contact Dermatitis:

As the name indicates dermatitis is a form of an inflammatory disease. If your skin comes in contact with any foreign object such as jewelry, soaps, vehicles, regularly used detergents, etc your skin can show some negative responses towards them. This eventually presents in the form of rashes. 


Urticaria is a secondary name for hives. This is often triggered in response to any allergic reaction, normally anaphylactic shock which is a medical condition commonly associated with hives. It could be because of an insect bite or can even occur in response to some local anesthetic agents.


Chickenpox is a Skin Disease in Dubai that is not very uncommon. It is triggered due to viruses in the body and they present as raised red bumps which are very itchy and once they start to subside look like a flat rash that becomes even more itchy than during the presence of the bump. 

What are Some of the Major Causes of Skin Rashes? 

  •  Bacterial and fungal infections transmit through fomites or normal human-to-human contact.
  •  Irritants which are present in the atmosphere.
  •  Eczema or any skin condition that makes the skin scaly and dry.
  •  Lack of proper hygiene.

Treatment of Skin Rashes and Diseases:

The first and foremost treatment of skin rashes and diseases is to do nothing but seek the help of a Skin Specialist in Dubai. The specialist will prescribe you with the following types of treatment modalities based on your skin rash: 

Anti Allergy Medications:

Anti-allergy medications which are also known as antihistamines are quite useful in the cessation of allergy-based skin rashes


Corticosteroids are the best treatment for all kinds of skin rashes including infectious rashes as well. they are best against eczema and even contact dermatitis 

Topical Creams and Gels:

Certain medications that can bring about some changes in your immune system of the body are associated with topical creams and gels; there are many gels available over-the-counter that are prescribed by dermatologists only.

Skin Friendly Shower Gels:

Some dermatologists also recommend shower gels which are not fragranced and consist of some medications added to them. Those shower gels aim to minimize skin diseases by working on them and balancing the moisture. 

Anti-Inflammatory Medications:

Sometimes you will be prescribed oral medications that are taken to reduce the inflammatory response in the body. 

Why Choose a Dermatologist for Skin Diseases?

It is important to seek the help of the Best Female Dermatologist in Dubai because they are the only ones who can tell about the actual underlying cause of the skin disease.  People nowadays are normally not very concerned about their skin problems as long as it does not cause pain or discomfort. Little do you know that neglecting such diseases can give rise to other and more progressed stages of diseases that take longer to heal and subside.  

What is the Cost of Skin Diseases Treatments in Dubai?

Our clinic charges different prices for different types of treatment modalities. If you want to know about your treatment-related cost you first need to book an appointment with our skin specialists. 

 The Final Verdict!

Skin diseases and rashes are never encouraged to be neglected and overlooked. If you also notice any minor skin lesions developing on your skin then head towards our clinic immediately. We will link you to the Best Dermatologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah all you need to do is just fill up the form mentioned down below and avail of a free consultation.