What Areas Can Be Treated With Fillers

Having wrinkles on the face, scars that are deep down with indentations and open pores  are the major problems that make the skin very textured and uneven.  No matter how many sessions of facials you take or how many pricey creams you apply it is still very less likely that you can have spotless smooth skin.  There are areas on the face that need special attention and they need treatment like fillers in Dubai. Down below is a brief data about dermal fillers you should know before taking them for yourself.

What areas can fillers treat? 

The corner of the eyes: 

The corner of your eyes is the area where most of the fine lines of aging appear. It is basically because of the lack in the tonicity of the muscles around the eyes.

Commissures or corner of the mouth: 

Facial fillers in Dubai are most commonly used around the corners of the mouth; this is because it restores the lack of collagen and improves elasticity. 

The cheeks:

Acne scars often cause deep indentations on the cheeks can be treated by the dermal fillers very rough and textured. When the fillers are used over them they instantly fill up the make the skin smoother and softer. 

The forehead:

Aging affects the forehead really badly why because it causes the fine line to appear very prominently,  the loosening of the skin gives rise to tough wrinkles over time. 

The area around the nose: 

The nasolabial fold is the area most affected by wrinkles.  They cannot be treated by anything else except for fillers. The main reason behind this is because the muscles holding them eventually loosen over time and can be tightened only by seeking professional treatments.  


Dehydration and lack of proper nutrition often makes the lips cracked and chapped. As a person ages their lips start to lose their mass and eventually they’ll start looking very thin and displeasing. Fillers work best on them as they instantly plump them up and fill up all the cracked lines that appear on the lips. 

What are fillers? 

Fillers are Aesthetic treatments that are given in the form of injections. They are less invasive  and are a replacement to the treatments that can require surgical intervention. You will be surprised to know that fillers have been used since the past years and they have taken the cosmetic industry to a very next level.  Candidates who have been taking sessions of fillers state that they feel much more confident than before.  It makes a person look years younger and treats problems that were not possible to be treated by anything else.

What makes dermal fillers so effective?

The active ingredient hyaluronic acid present in the fillers is the main powerful agent that can treat wrinkles, fine lines, open pores and acne scars. 

It is said that  Hyaluronic acid is the warrior against wrinkles and signs of aging by rehydrating the skin.  The reason why we are considered to provide the best fillers in Dubai is because the amount of hyaluronic acid used in our fillers is completely safe and it’s sufficient enough to treat the imperfections. 

What is the procedure of dermal fillers?

The procedure we use for facial fillers in Dubai Involves the following series of steps: 

Initial consultation and examination:

Once you report to the aesthetician he or she will analyze your face and will map all the areas that require dermal fillers. Remember only your aesthetician can decide which areas are to be injected with fillers and which are to be left.

Counseling and education:

It is very important that the candidate must know what he or she will be going through.  The Aesthetician will make sure to educate about the procedure and everything related to it, especially the pros and cons.

Anesthetizing the area:

Once the targeted areas are finalized the esthetician will administer local anesthesia to desensitize the targeted sites. 

Injecting the fillers:

The esthetician will inject the hyaluronic acid infused injection on the targeted sites.  Multiple shots are injected into the areas. 

Cleaning and touch up:

While the aesthetician injects the fillers the paramedical staff cleans off the areas from where the blood oozes out.

What can you expect in the results after taking fillers in Dubai?

  • A smooth radiant skin.
  • Better blood supply of the face.
  • Faded and completely diminish wrinkles.
  • Better hydration of the face.
  • An extraordinary glow.
  • No more indentations on the skin.

What is the cost of dermal fillers?

Every face is different and only the esthetician can decide the exact filler cost in Dubai.  You can visit our clinic for the initial consultation and the aesthetician can then tell you about the exact cost. 

Why choose us?

We have been catering numerous patients with skin problems.  We are entitled as the best fillers clinic Dubai because:

  • We have the top notch aestheticians in town. 
  • Our environment is very safe and clean. 
  • We still maintain all the COVID-19 protocols. 
  • We treat all our patients equally.

We are looking forward to serving you!