Varicose Veins Treatment Leg Prevention

The problem of Varicose veins is now getting more common everyday. This is not because people normally don’t pay attention, but rather because there isn’t any prompt and effective treatment for. Fortunately, our clinic now offers some high quality and successful treatment for Varicose veins. Among those is said to be the most beneficial Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai. If you want your laser treatment to be successful and work in the long run then there are certain preventive measures you should follow.  Here is some information about Varicose Veins, the Treatment and how you can prevent it. Pay close attention to all the details

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are a secondary name to the spider veins. This is a medical condition in which the veins of your feet or any other extremities of the body start to swell. This is a result of major clustering and folding of the internal capillaries. It is a very painful condition and to your knowledge it is easily visible from the surface of the skin as well. In severe cases the darkening shade of the blood vessels is so prominent that it is visible through the surface of the skin very easily.  The presence of Varicose veins can often indicate that there might be an underlying medical condition in your body. It may not be diagnosed and unnoticed.

What are the Causes of Varicose Veins?

As far as the causes of Varicose veins is concerned, there can be a couple of reasons. Here is a list of the causes:

  • Diabetes
  • Hereditary
  • Keeping your legs still for a very long time 
  • Being overweight or obese 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Travelling for extended periods 
  • Very sensitive to cold
  • Have a very pale or light skin 

What are the Methods of Varicose Veins Treatment? 

Before you move on towards the Varicose Vein treatment in Dubai, here are some of a mode of prevention you can follow to limit the presence of Varicose veins: 

  • Place your feet in the hot water bath.
  • Wear compression stockings whenever you are sitting idle for long or about to travel.
  • Apply some soothing gel creams that are available over the counter.
  • Don’t try to sit or stand for a very long period of time.
  • Keep your legs moving especially in cold weather.
  • If you feel that your feet are are turning into a frostbite then immediately start moving them.
  • Seek medical assistance before it’s too late. 

What are the Varicose Veins Treatment Options available in our Clinic?

We offer a wide range of Varicose Veins treatment in Dubai. Some of the successful ones are enlisted below: 

Compression Stockings:

The Goal of compression stockings is to prevent other blood vessels to cluster again. This allows blood to flow in a streamlined direction rather than flowing in a turbulent manner.


Corticosteroids have always been found to be very effective in working on skin related problems. At times, corticosteroids have little to no effect on the presence of the swelling of the veins. They are still very helpful in clearing the skin that shows the appearance of Varicose veins . It is advisable that you first take permission from your physician before using corticosteroid as a  Varicose veins treatment.


Sclerotherapy is a conventional and effective technique for the treatment of Varicose veins. It is still under use and the reason why physicians often recommend Scelerotherapy is because it is directly targeting the blood vessels. Wasting their appearance and making it less visible through the skin surface. It is carried out by an injection which consists of chemicals inserted directly into the veins. It declusters them, releases the swelling and also makes their appearance less visible. 

Laser Treatment:

Among all the treatments mentioned above, Laser Treatment in Dubai is the most innovative and highly beneficial technique.  The device that emits laser beam rays is directly brushed on the surface of the  site of varicose veins. When the laser light appears or is brushed onto the surface of the skin, it helps in shrinking the appearance of the blood vessels without harming any underlying structures.

How helpful are Lasers for Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai? 

The reason why our physicians mostly recommend lasers as the best treatment for Varicose Veins is because it is less invasive and does not cause the candidate to undergo any surgical intervention . This prevents and reduces the recovery and healing period. 

What is the Cost of Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai? 

The price for Varicose veins in our clinic varies depending upon the type of the treatment.  If you want to book a laser session as the Varicose Veins Treatment Cost in Dubai then it ranges for about 4000 to 5000 AED. The treatment is not just bound to a single session and so you may need more than one to two sessions. Your physician can best guide you about the cost of the sessions.

The Final Verdict:

There is a fact that Varicose Veins are not very disturbing medically but aesthetically. Since according to some people beauty is mostly judged by the feet it is important that you take good care of them. Varicose Veins are a major turn down and so it is better that you seek their treatment. Considering the importance of aesthetics, we offer you a free consultation upon scheduling an appointment with the physician for any treatment.

 So what are you waiting for? Grab your phones and call the helpline number right now!