Varicose veins treatment for Hands

The fastest-ageing body component is the hand, which is why it is so easy to tell how old someone is just looking at them. Although healthy veins in the hands that are visible are those that carry blood back to the heart, some of these veins may enlarge and protrude at the back of the hand as we age for different reasons: the elasticity loss of the skin and vein walls, the loss of collagen and subcutaneous fat and the tissues’ water content. The problem can easily be treated with Varicose veins treatment in Dubai

What are Varicose Veins?

They can occur anywhere on the body, but the hands are where they are most frequently encountered. Varicose veins resemble lumps of the skin and present no health risks. They do, however, result in both aesthetic and bodily suffering. Because of this, individuals opt to have them removed. 


If you meet the below mentioned conditions, then you are a good candidate for varicose veins therapy.

  • You have reasonable hopes for the outcome of the therapy.
  • You are in excellent physical and mental health.
  • You want varicose veins removed.
  • If surgery is not yet appropriate for you, laser therapy is the best choice.
  • You don’t have a pregnancy or a major medical condition.

Instructions before Treatment:

It is important to adequately prepare for the operation in order to achieve the greatest outcomes from therapy for Varicose veins in Dubai. To get ready for the therapy, adhere to the directions listed below.

  • Aspirin and other blood-thinning drugs should not be taken two weeks prior to therapy.
  • Ten to fifteen days before the therapy, refrain from using Cod Liver Oil and vitamin E supplements.
  • Before having the operation, clean the treatment area.


There are both surgical and non-surgical options available for treating Varicose treatment in Dubai

Surgical Options:

Ambulatory Phlebectomy: 

In this procedure, a dermatologist makes a slit-like incision in the skin to remove the unhealthy vein. The treatment is often carried out as an outpatient under local anesthetic.

Vein Stripping and Ligation:

Spider veins and varicose veins are often treated by vein stripping and ligation. It’s a simple procedure that calls for general anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort. To avoid consequences from vein damage, it entails surgically removing a damaged vein.

Non-Surgical Options:

Non-surgical options for Varicose veins treatment in Dubai are;

Laser Treatment Option for Varicose veins treatment:

Endovenous Laser treatment can effectively cure varicose veins. The vascular surgeon inserts a laser fibre through a catheter into the twisted vein and performs a laser ablation procedure. It takes less time and is less unpleasant to recuperate.

Radio Frequency for Varicose veins treatment:

A popular and least invasive veins correction therapy in Dubai is radio frequency for the treatment of Spider veins. Larger varicose veins can also be treated with radio frequency. A catheter is inserted into the vein by a professional, who then heats the vein with radio frequency radiation. As a result, the vein seals eventually disintegrate and vanish.

Sclerotherapy for Varicose veins treatment

To completely destroy a vein, a chemical solution is injected into the vein. Only local anesthetic is needed because it is a less intrusive technique. It is crucial to remember that bruising around the injection site may develop during therapy and remain for a week.


The list of post-treatment instructions that you must adhere to after receiving Varicose vein treatment in Dubai is provided below.

  • For a few days following the procedure, refrain from rubbing or scratching the treated area.
  • There will be scabs but stay away from picking them.
  • After receiving treatment, stay out of the sun for at least two weeks.
  • According to the doctor’s directions, apply the prescribed topical drugs to the area being treated.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for 48 hours following the treatment.
  • Avoid hard workouts for a few weeks.

Cost of Varicose veins treatment in Dubai:

The average cost of Varicose veins treatment in Dubai is between AED 1,100 and AED 5,000 or even more.

The number of veins that need to be treated, the difficulty of the issue, and the number of sessions all affect the total cost. The doctor will decide on the final cost following the initial consultation.

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At the Dynamic Clinic, a special group of medical professionals is constantly researching for different treatment options. Varicose vein treatment in Dubai using different methods, for example, laser treatment has now become a simple and reasonably priced procedure available to citizens of every city. We exclusively choose professionals whose training and experience enable them to accurately diagnose conditions affecting the arteries and veins of the hand.