Vaginoplasty Surgery Vaginoplasty Surgery

Many women believe that a loose vagina inhibits sexual enjoyment and want genital tightening. Because of aging and delivery, they lose their tightness and the skin on their intimates becomes saggy, and they feel less confident during intercession, but don’t worry, we have a solution to restore their flexibility. The most common illness is the rupture of the vaginal canal, both anterior and posterior. This abnormality causes unpleasant, terrible feelings, sexual tensions, and soreness with strain in the rectus abdominal. Vaginoplasty in Dubai is a very inexpensive sort of private cosmetic procedure that corrects abnormalities in the vaginal walls.

The Aims of the Treatment:

It is a surgical procedure that involves the female vaginal regions. The operation’s goal is to address exterior or cosmetic flaws while also preventing problems with the labia’s functioning qualities. Furthermore, genital reconstructive surgery may be required for pelvic organ problems. The surgery is performed to restore the female genital region’s natural shape. However, the causes may not be purely cosmetic! This surgery has medicinal significance in several circumstances.


The vaginoplasty procedure usually takes 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthetics can also be employed in some circumstances. If you are given general anesthesia, you may need to spend the night in the hospital. The operation is intended to compress the vaginal by connecting together the stretched muscles at the back of the vagina, causing these muscles to become shorter, using dissolvable stitches to remove superfluous vaginal lining, and tightening the surrounding soft tissues. A reduction in the size of the vaginal cavity causes more friction during sexual intercourse, and the procedure is commonly referred to as “returning a woman to her pre-child vagina.”


The Cost of Vaginoplasty surgery in Dubai ranges from AED 29,999 to AED 39,999. The cost will fluctuate according to a variety of criteria and can only be established by an expert after an initial consultation. The doctor’s credentials and competence, as well as the patient’s status, may be considered.

Factors Influencing Cost:

The following elements impact the expense of each therapy:

Selection of a Procedure:

The price of treatment is proportional to the variety of treatments available. The more complicated the technique, the higher the expense, because each process has different specialties and functions.

Anesthetic Requirement:

Because most procedures require general or local anesthesia, the expense of anesthetics and the anesthetist will greatly raise the total cost, but this requirement depends on the procedure’s requirements.

The Expertise of the Expert:

The doctor’s knowledge and skills will influence how much he charges for his procedures, which will add to the overall expense.

The Condition of the Applicant:

Because all patients have different conditions and diseases, they require varying intensities of procedures for each condition, which can affect the cost.

Clinic Level and Location:

The clinic’s level is defined by the number of years it has been in operation, the equipment it uses, the doctors it employs, and how well-known it is, if it is located in a posh area then they will charge more.

Perfect Candidate:

Someone who does not have the following criteria is the ideal candidate for the treatment.

  • Cancerous disorders.
  • Infertility.
  • Omission of the vaginal walls at 2 and 3 degrees.
  • inner organ rupture.
  • Unknown causes cause uterine bleeding.
  • Menstruation.
  • Acute stages of chronic diseases


This procedure fulfills all intrinsic desires and offers the following benefits:

  • Adapt to your specific requirements.
  • Restriction of the vaginal area.
  • The applicant will feel an improvement in the treated area’s overall appearance.
  • This procedure will Improve your sexual enjoyment.
  • The treatment will enhance your sexual experience with your companion.
  • It improves pre-existing medical issues like urine incontinence.
  • This process is boost your confidence.


Vaginoplasty Surgery in Dubai, like all other surgical treatments, has risks and adverse effects. If performed by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon, the procedure is absolutely safe. If the surgeon and the patient do not take the necessary precautions, the following adverse effects may occur:

  • There is a chance of pain, but don’t worry, you will be given pain relievers.
  • probability of scarring, but it is also uncommon.
  • Applicants may experience bleeding.
  • There are very minor chances of infection.

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