Can PRP Tighten Vagina

Childbirth and aging has always caused havoc on the vagina. it loses its elasticity and becomes loose and limp. this not only disrupts the sexual life but also hinders in the other systems of the body such as the urogenital system.

There are now improved methods and techniques available in our clinic that can be done into the vagina for tightening it and making it more youthful. 

A PRP shot in Dubai when driven into the vagina can instantly tighten it up and restore the long lost elasticity.  Learn more about PRP in this article. 

What is PRP?

PRP is an abbreviation of platelet rich plasma. As the name indicates PRP is derived from a plasma of the blood. The constituent of PRP, when extracted from the donor’s body being the candidate himself, is then reinjected into the target sites for its effectiveness such as the scalp, the joints, skin, vagina etc.

What is the Aim of PRP treatment?

The ideal goal of PRP is to increase the blood flow in the respective area by giving rise to the formation of new blood cells. The greater the number of new regenerative cells the greater is the repair and formation of collage.

What are the Benefits of PRP? 

  • PRP when injected into the scalp can improve Hair Growth.
  •  In the case of skin were PRP shots can help in removing scars imperfections blemishes etc
  •  it is also essential for skin glow and radiance
  •  PRP when injected into the joints can help relief from pain and stiffness
  •  A PRP shot in the vagina can help in its tightness and better elasticity. 

Can PRP Tighten Vagina? And how? 

If you want to know can PRP tighten vagina then know that yes it is extremely powerful in adding rigidity and tightness to the walls of the vagina.  

Here is how a PRP can help in the repair of vaginal walls: 

Improve Blood Flow:

PRP when injected into the targeted site of the vagina it immediately starts to improve the blood flow in that area. How? 

The plasma that Is highly rich in platelets helps in the stimulation and formation of new cells as a result increases the blood flow and transport.

Stimulation of Collagen:

An increase in the blood flow is directly proportional to the increase in the stimulation of collagen production. Collagen is the protein that is responsible for cellular integrity and maintenance of the muscles. Not just in the vagina but it is also scattered in the other places of the body such as the skin of your face. 

Helps to Regain Muscular Tonicity:

The advancement of PRP is not just bound to the hair skin and joints but to the maintenance and improvement in the muscular tonicity of the vaginal walls. You will notice that your intimate life has become a lot more exciting and pleasurable after getting a PRP shot.  

PRP Vs Other Treatments for Vaginal Tightening:

If you compare PRP with other Vaginal Tightening Treatments such as orgasmic shots, fillers or surgical methods, it is a lot more convenient, less invasive and has the least potential risks. 

There is no postoperative bleeding unlike surgical treatments. The best part about a PRP for vaginal tightness is, it is completely natural and there is nothing synthetic used; it’s the candidate’s own body constituent  and so the chances of rejection or allergic responses are quite rare and non evident.

How is the PRP for Vaginal Tightness Treatment Performed?

  • Initial history and examination.
  • Abstinence from any medications on the day of the treatment.
  • Preparation by disinfecting the target area with alcohol swabs.
  • Extraction of PRP from the candidate’s body.
  • Administration of local anesthesia.
  • Drawing the PRP into the injection.
  • Injecting  PRP into the vaginal walls.

The Shortcomings:

There are no negative effects of PRP reported as such however in some cases you can experience the following like: 

  • Pain at the site of injection.
  • Mild numbness even after the cessation of anesthesia.
  • Irritation and slight redness.
  • Small nodular formation in case he moved during the injection administration.

 Why choose us?

We at the Dynamic  Aesthetic Clinic believe that your sexual life is as important as any other thing. Treatments related to intimacy are very rarely carried out in Dubai and so we ensure that such treatments that have the least side effects should be served in our clinic by experts.

The entire intimate department is very cooperative and friendly. You will not be judged from any point of view and all the selected treatments will be done under strict privacy settings.  

Final Verdict!

There is no harm in going for a rejuvenation in your intimate parts.  intimacy and sexual pleasure has no age and so its repair and regeneration is always as important as any other medical treatment. Get yourself a PRP shot for vaginal tightness and see how drastically your intimate life becomes after a single shot. 

So what are you waiting for just hit the toll free number and book your free consultation right now!