Useful facts about Adipose Lipolysis Injections

Losing sharp body contours due to weight fluctuations could be very frustrating sometimes. It makes us feel ashamed and embarrassed in front of others. If you are one of us, stop worrying, we have come up with an amazing body contouring treatment, which we call adipose Lipolysis injections treatment.

The main objective of Adipose lipolysis injections is to destruct the fat cells from places that have excess fat. It is a non-invasive fat reduction method and can be really very beneficial for fatty thighs, arms, and necks. Now, you can get rid of stubborn fat without undergoing surgery. It is the fastest, easiest, and most lasting body enhancement treatment.

Lipolysis for Face and Neck:

These injections have been FDA-approved for the face since they met all the safety standards and the benefits overbalanced the risks. So, if you want to reduce fat from your face without surgery, you can consider Adipose lipolysis injections in Dubai. It is the best, non-invasive body and face contouring therapy since no complications are linked to it. This treatment is gentle, safe, and FDA-approved for facial fullness. It works by permanently reducing fat pads from the face. After the treatment, the face looks more beautiful and contoured. Besides removing fat pads, it is also very useful in eliminating unwanted dimples.

How does it Work?

A series of Adipose lipolysis injections are given to the affected region to dissolve localized fat deposits. The vials are actually chemical cocktails of different medications and naturally occurring substances. When used in fatty areas, stubborn fat deposits are dissolved and eventually eliminated. Patients achieve a shapely body after it. Please note that it not only enhances body shape but improves confidence level as well. So, it is worth spending money on this treatment.

What is the Cost of Adipose Lipolysis Treatment?

Many factors can influence the cost of Adipose Lipolysis Treatment in Dubai. Generally, the treatment price varies based on the location of the clinic, the experience of the professional, the type of results needed by the patient, the area where you require enhancement, and the number of sessions. Please book an appointment to know the exact price of the treatment.

Who can get this type of Fat Reduction?

Adults must be healthy enough to have adipose Lipolysis injections. They must also be free from skin allergies and infections. Every candidate will be given a medical evaluation to make sure they are perfect for this procedure.

Benefits and Results:

This virtually painless procedure takes only 10 to 15 minutes. It does not require surgery or general anesthesia at all. You can get treated even during your lunch break since the procedure is so short and simple. You can return to work right after the doctor finishes the treatment. Nevertheless, it should be pointed noted that the results are not instant. You should wait a couple of weeks to see the final upshots.

Eight surprising benefits of Adipose lipolysis Treatment area:

  1. A non-invasive, painless, and fastest fat reduction procedure.
  2. No downtime – patients can get back to household chores or work right after the treatment.
  3. Side effects are minimal and may fade on their own within a couple of days.
  4. Restores sharp contours to the irregular body shape.
  5. If you maintain a healthy weight, results may last forever.
  6. The procedure is relatively quick as compared to other Fat reduction treatments.
  7. You can get excellent improvements in body contours at an affordable price.
  8. Unlike surgical fat reduction, infection after Adipose Lipolysis does happen often.

How Soon Can I See the Results?

In general, doctors recommend patients have at least two adipose lipolysis Treatment sessions arranged one month apart to achieve ideal results. However, for extremely stubborn fat, you may be asked to take a total of six sessions. Your surgeon will decide the number of sessions based on your anatomy and expectations from the treatment. There will be swelling in the treated zone and it should subside in a couple of days because you be able to see the results until it’s all gone. You can utilize pain relievers and apply ice bags to alleviate this swelling fast.


You can have unattractive areas of the body addressed with our affordable Adipose Lipolysis treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It is a safe, and effective technique for correcting fatty areas of the body. The treatment has zero downtime, the least recovery period, and complications.

If you want to get more information or have any concerns or questions regarding the procedure, you can visit us. Just fill out our short form or call us on phone to schedule a free-of-charge meeting with our experts.