Fat Melting-Injections Before And After In Dubai

The process of losing weight might be difficult. Even applicants pay intentions to balance their diet and activity. There may be some fat deposits that are difficult to remove. But many treatments can help with body-shaping. But individuals are wary of intrusive techniques. Their health status also prevents them from using invasive techniques. Then, to shed those final few pounds, some folks think about liposuction. But having surgery has its own set of risks. Cool sculpting is another option. Even though there are also many limitations. There is an alternative to surgery. If it doesn’t appeal to you, get rid of stubborn fat. But Fat Melting Injections are an effective option. Fat Melting Injections Before And After In Dubai.

What are Fat Melting Injections?

The persistent fat patches in our bodies can be removed with these injectables. Common ingredients are phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. Which breaks down fat cells to enable the body to metabolise and remove them. It will be injected where subcutaneous fat is prevalent. The procedure aids in the breakdown of body fat. The treatment enhances the shape of your body.

Before and After:

Fat Melting Injections have not yet produced immediate results. It will take around a month to get the findings. Injections are proof of the most recent developments in the aesthetics industry. These injections use novel technology to target adipose tissue. The transformation process is a masterpiece that takes effort and focus. The outcomes beckon with promise, luring people who desire a moulded form. But achieving one’s ideal appearance requires perseverance and tenacity. Because the health situation of the applicant decides. And also the condition of the fat patches in the target area.

Types of Fat Melting Injections:

Injections that dissolve fat come in a variety of flavours. Each has a unique formulation and advantages. The following are the types of fat-melting injections:


These injectables help reduce the appearance of a double chin. In Kybella, deoxycholic acid is the active component. It helps to eliminate fat cells and restore the neck and jawline’s natural contour. It is a submental fullness treatment that has received FDA approval. The procedure removes the persistent fat patches under the double chin. And also a substitute for many individuals seeking a non-invasive treatment. 


Aqualyx injections aid in treating the body’s microscopic fat deposits. This treatment works wonders to get rid of belly, hip, thigh, and arm fat. It aims to disintegrate fat cells and expel them from the body. Within two to three weeks, the therapy shows results. And if you adhere to the aftercare, the results will last longer.


It lessens the visible effects of a double chin. The procedure distorted the fat cells in the treatment area. The treatment helps to redefine the neck and jawline. It is a secure and efficient substitute for conventional techniques. It seeks to make a double chin look less prominent. After two to four weeks, with improvements.

Vaser (Vaser Lipo):

Larger fat deposits on the body are treatable with this injection. The procedure removes fat cells that are broken down. The treatment uses ultrasonic technology to remove the fat deposit. The treatment removes fat from the abdomen, hips, and thighs. And also in other areas of the body.

Adipose lipolysis:

Injections for adipose lipolysis, also known as lipolysis injections. The treatment helps to remove fat deposits at the injection site. This conventional fat-reduction injection procedure breaks down fat deposits. These injections also reduce fat deposits in other places.


There are uncountable benefits to Fat Melting Injections. These injections provide a non-surgical alternative. The following are the key benefits of the procedure:

  • These injections work well to reduce stubborn belly fat and love handles.
  • It also works for other troublesome regions.
  • In contrast to surgery, there is very little recovery after fat-melting injections. 
  • You can get back to your normal routines after the treatment.
  • It produces gradual outcomes that give off a natural-looking alteration.
  • The treatment enhanced confidence and has more self-esteem.
  • The treatment gives shape to your body by removing fat patches.

What is the Cost of Fat Melting Injections?

The Cost of Fat-Melting Injections in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 4000 to AED 6000. It is not a fixed cost. Because it depends on many factors. The following elements can change the expenses:

  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The condition of the treatment area.
  • The needs of the applicants.

Does Getting Fat Melting Injections, Hurt?

The injectable procedure causes minor pain or discomfort. Applicants experience minor stifling sensations after treatment. But it also depends on the condition of the applicants. The expert will apply the numbing jet to make you calm. So you will feel no discomfort during and after the procedure.

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