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In today’s world, where society is prioritizing sex over everything, both females and males want their reproductive organs to be at their best when they get intimate. Men are more conscious about their penis because if it does not function well, their sex life will be ruined, and they will be at risk. Going through several types of penile conditions and diseases is common in men, and these problems must be treated as soon as possible. Penile Enlargement Treatment in Dubai will take care of it all!

Most Common Penile Conditions:

  • Swelling in the penis 
  • Abnormal itching in the penis
  • A curve or the bend in the penis causes pain
  • Painful Erections
  • Bleeding from the penis
  • Abnormal discharge in the penis
  • Burning sensation when a person urinates
  • Blood in the semen when a person ejaculates 
  • Severe pain after penis gets trauma
  • If a person gets an erection that can last for more than four hours.


It’s a penile disorder that causes a fully rigid and intensely painful erection that can last from more than four hours to many days. This erection is not caused by sexual activity and cannot be relieved or relaxed by the orgasm but must be medically treated. 

The leading cause of priapism is no blood circulation. It is mainly caused when blood flows towards the penis but can not be drained. Priapism has two types; Ischemic and Nonischemic.

There can be a number of reasons why a person suffers from priapism:

Priapism Causes:

  • Spinal cord problems
  • Blood pressure, antidepressants and other certain medications
  • Cocaine and Alcohol consumption
  • Blood Disease
  • Genital Injuries

Peyronie’s Disease:

Peyronie’s Disease is another penile disorder which involves forming scar tissue in the penis. This scar tissue can be formed on the upper or the lower area of the penis or around the penis elastic layers. The scar tissue is called a plaque, causing irritation and swelling and getting hard too. This tissue scarring affects the elasticity of th penis, where they form.

Peyronie’s Disease Causes:

  • Minimized Flexibility
  • Shrunk penis 
  • Painful Erection
  • Bending of the penis during an erection 
  • Stressed emotionally when there is no performance in the bed.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the most common penis disorder, and almost every man experiences it, not always but in any phase of his life. A most common disease indicates a man’s inability to get and maintain an erection stiff enough to penetrate until he reaches climax.  

This is how this dysfunction makes a man unable to satisfy himself and the partner in the bed, ruining sexual life and experience. 

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Clogged Blood Vessels 
  • Tobacco Use
  • Emotional Stress
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Low testosterone
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Certain drugs and medications
  • Excessive alcohol use

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

Erectile Dysfunction Surgery:

The surgery is based on implant insertion in the penis. In the consultation, the surgeon takes a physical exam of the patient, and then all the infections, problems, and other conditions are treated before the surgery. If the person has an infection, allergy, or he’s on blood thinners or other medications, he is asked to avoid these to get off from complications.


After giving anesthesia to a patient, the surgeon makes a small cut on the upper or the lower part of the penis. The implant is inserted there without tissue removal or muscle damage and with minimal blood loss. The cut is then closed, and the patient can go back home within the same day.

Cost of Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Dubai

The price list may vary for every customer who comes in to correct his penis problems because the penis problems are not the same for every patient, and each of them demands a treatment accordingly. The general expectations for the Cost of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai are 6500 AED. This is an essential surgical therapy, so patients’ preferences should not be discounted rates but a board-certified surgeon at Dynamic Clinic with hundreds of best reviews. 

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