Tummy Tuck-What Kind of Procedure It Is

There are a variety of beauty standards in society. Out of these, the most eye-catching is a slim and smart body form. Obesity is a disorder that causes several health conditions including depression and loss of confidence. Obese people usually get pressurised for losing weight and to get a perfect body shape.

 People opt for different strategies for weight loss. They do several exercises, follow a hard diet plan and join the gym for the purpose to lose weight. But now with the advancement of modern techniques, there is a technique for weight loss named the tummy tuck. Many people have questions related to Tummy Tuck-what kind of procedure it is? The answer to their question is that it is a treatment that helps reduce the fat of the abdomen and strengthen the loose muscles of the abdomen so that it can get in perfect shape and contour.


It is a type of surgery also referred to as abdominoplasty. It reduces the fats, loose muscles, and skin from the abdomen to provide an hourglass figure to the client. Different types of this procedure are as follows.

1.     Mini Abdominoplasty:

Mini abdominoplasty is less invasive than a full abdominoplasty. It is mostly useful for women who underwent pregnancy or have a large lower abdomen. The doctor gives general anesthesia to the patient and makes an incision between the lower abdomen and pubic area about 4 to 8 inches long. The incision is under the navel, so the shape of the navel is not changed in it. The surgeon stitches the loose skin with each other on the inside and removes the extra fats. He closes the incision and discharges you in a day.

2.     Full Abdominoplasty:

A full abdominoplasty is when there is lots of fat and loose skin around your stomach. In this, the surgeon makes an incision above and below the belly button. Then he gives general anesthesia and removes all fats and loose skin. Along with that, he stitches the remaining skin together and puts abdominal muscles in place. A U-shaped incision is in the abdomen area and near the navel area. The doctor closes the incision with the help of stitches.

3.     Extended Abdominoplasty:

An extended abdominoplasty is when losing weight causes you to have loosened skin on the abdomen. It helps to remove the fats from the area of the hip, abdomen, and flank. The surgeon gives general anesthesia to the patient. The incision is between the lower pelvis to the lower back. He removes the extra skin and fats and closes the incision. Since the incision is large you will discharge in 3 to 4 days.


Follow these precautions after the treatment:

  • Do not get bedridden. Try to walk each day according to your stamina.
  • Avoid vigorous and strenuous abdominal exercises.
  • Rest when you feel tired.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights.
  • Return to work after consultation with your doctor.


There are many benefits of abdominoplasty:

  • Helps to strengthen the pelvic and trunk muscles. Furthermore, It also aids in tighten the abdominal muscles.
  • Prevents certain medical conditions that arise from obesity.
  • Helps in weight loss and gives contour to your body.
  • Helps reduce the back pain caused by obesity.
  • Prevents umbilical and ventral hernias as it treats the loose abdominal muscles.

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