Transform Your Look With Hair Implants in Dubai

Hair implants have become very well-known among people with hair troubles like loss of hair, bald patches on the scalp, hair thinning, etc. Hair wigs are also a choice but they don’t usually give a natural look. That’s when you turn towards hair implants. Discover more about Hair Implants in Dubai, their benefits, and results.

Defining Hair Implants:

Most people are well aware of hair implants. A hair implant is a cosmetic surgical procedure that tends to hair-related problems like hair loss or baldness. In hair implantsair follicles are taken out from one part of the person’s body and implanted on the affected surface to grow healthy hair. It is a very popular treatment method among many people as it provides an everlasting solution to hair problems.

Different Types:


Follicular Unit Extraction is a very common type of hair implant. In this technique, the practitioner takes out hair directly from the person’s donor area by using special equipment. The follicular units are taken out one after another and it leaves small scars on the surface of the donor area for a while but they are not very visible. The follicular units are then implanted in the area that requires treatment. This technique is not very invasive, only a little. It is the perfect option for people who prefer a speedy recovery with less scarring.


Follicular Unit Transplant is a popular hair implant technique only slightly different from the FUE technique. In this treatment method, a thin layer of the scalp that carries hair follicles is taken out through a surgical procedure from the donor area. Then the hair follicles from that strip are separated into units to eventually get implanted in the affected area. The FUT method also leaves some scars on the surface.

How Do They Work?

The hair implant mechanism of action is quite simple and easy to understand. Hair follicles are taken out from the healthy area of the body where the hair usually grows the most and implanted in the area that is suffering from hair problems like hair thinning or baldness. When the follicles are successfully implanted in the latest location, they keep on growing new hair which provides a natural hairy appearance to the affected area.

Suitable Candidates:


People who are suffering from alopecia that is baldness are the most suitable candidates for hair implants. They can receive full benefits from this treatment procedure.

Hair Thinning:

Hair Implants also help a lot in resolving the issue of hair thinning. People whose hair has started thinning in different areas can also receive this treatment and its benefits.

Hair Loss:

Anyone experiencing extreme hair loss should consult their doctor and get a hair implant to find a solution to these problems.

Hair implants are usually suitable and helpful in resolving many hair problems as they offer positive outcomes along with a quick recovery period. Discuss with your doctor the suitability of this treatment for you and get it done.

Procedure of Hair Implants in Dubai:

Consultation and Discussion:

At first, you have to consult your health care services provider and discuss your hair issues with them as well as what treatment method you want to go with. Your doctor will determine whether a hair implant is suitable for you or not. It is essential to get your doctor’s opinion and follow his advice.

Pre-Procedure Planning and Preparations:

Once your doctor decides to implement a hair implant on you, basic preparations before the actual procedure will begin. Such as what type of hair implant would be suitable, the size of the graft, the donor area, etc.

Administering Anesthesia:

Local anesthesia is administered to the patient to numb the areas from where the Hair Follicles will be extracted or implanted. 

Donor Hair Collection:

Hair follicles are now extracted by following the protocols of either the FUT or FUE method.


Under the microscope, the grafts are prepared which will then be implanted in the form of follicular units.


The receiver area is prepared by the doctor who makes small incisions on the surface through which the graft will be implanted one by one with precision.

Post-Procedure Care and Follow-Up Sessions:

When the procedure is completed and the anesthesia wears off the doctor will provide post-procedure instructions to ensure maximally positive results. Patients also have to attend follow-up sessions so their doctor can always keep an eye on the new hair growth.


Natural Appearance:

Unlike hair wigs, Hair implants give you a natural appearance with new and healthy hair growth.

Increase in Self-Confidence:

You will feel very confident when you go out because your hair will be healthy and your baldness will be gone.

The Solution to Hair Loss:

The best solution to your hair loss problem. By getting a hair implant you will be able to get rid of your hair loss issue.

Speedy Recovery Period:

The recovery period of hair implants is quick and patients go back to their routine life after a short while.

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Final Word!

Don’t compromise on the health of your hair. Give yourself a chance to shine even brighter with new, thick, and healthy hair. Consult Dynamic Clinic’s experts for the best advice on hair implants.